Upgrading from one version to another in Linux

2 08 2007

In Linux World, whenever a new release comes out, many, almost everyone end up installing it as a fresh copy in their machine. Though Users are provided with an Upgrade option it doesn’t work out too good. Heck, it works good for Windows Upgrade when one has to upgrade from ME to XP or XP to Vista or from any Vista edition to other Editions (like Business to Ultimate)

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What does Linspire do ?

19 07 2007

Here is a diagram by me which depicts what Linspire does :)

(Click to enlarge)

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Linspire 6.0 released !

12 07 2007

After a long wait Kevin informed us the Release in the forums :),

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Linspire does remember their old CNR Gold Customers :)

9 07 2007

As to my previous post, where Linspire announced that the current CNR Gold Members would not be able to upgrade to Linspire 6, there was a big confusion going on in their forums and also it looked like Linspire betrayed their exisinting CNR Gold customers. Today Kevin, CEO of Linspire, announced in the forums that,

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Microsoft and our Linux Friends – So far….

28 06 2007

Here are “so far” deals with Microsoft :)

1) Microsoft and Novell Announce Broad Collaboration on Windows and Linux Interoperability and Support

WALTHAM, Mass.— 02 Nov 2006— Microsoft Corp. and Novell Inc. today announced a set of broad business and technical collaboration agreements to build, market and support a series of new solutions to make Novell and Microsoft® products work better together. The two companies also announced an agreement to provide each other’s customers with patent coverage for their respective products. These agreements will be in place until at least 2012. Under this new model, customers will realize unprecedented choice and flexibility through improved interoperability and manageability between Windows® and Linux.

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Latest Linspire Letter

28 06 2007

Is Linux Splitting into Two Factions?

Earlier, I wrote an entry on the Linspire and Microsoft deal which was based on previous Linspire Letter (LL).

There are many things said, announced by Linspire creating much hype, but there is nothing seen in action yet and how would one believe so much in Linspire when there is not even a Beta Release of Freespire yet ! Remember, Freespire is the test bed for Linspire. Now the Freespire 2.0 stable release would be test bed for the Linspire 6.0 release. Till today, there is nothing been productive from Linspire.

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Come Join us – A Linux Distribution for Friends by Friends !

19 06 2007

Klikit Freedom Force


Klikit Linux 

My views on Linspire and Microsoft Deal

17 06 2007


Microsoft, one of the world’s largest Software Corporation. So what is Linux . This is what every Business people would ask you if you try to explain about Linux to them. When I say Business people , these aren’t any Computer tech savvy, rather someone who is seeking IT in their company.

Ofcourse, all the top Linux Companies are targeting the above team of People and thus you see they are signing deals. I am not sure whether these deals have come out of the recent FUD about Patents with Microsoft or its just they are signing deals at this time.

One must have a look at Novell, Xandros and Linspire deal. If you look into each, you can see Linspire deal is slightly different from those of the rest two (now anyone have different views, please not here , this is entirely my view). This I came to know when we were discussing about all these Patent Protection, IP Infringement etc.,.

What exactly Linspire deal is for Linspire Customers.From Linspire Letter,

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Klikit Linux is now officially announced !

13 06 2007

Hi everyone. Some of us who use various distros have joined forces for a fun project. This is not an effort to “steal” anyone from any preferred project or distro. I have made many friends in many communities over the years and there are no finer people than the Linspire and Freespire communities.

Come and take a look.

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Welcome LINA

28 05 2007

Next month a California-based startup plans to release an application that will allow Windows, Mac, and Linux users run Linux binaries without any modifications. Lina is a Linux virtual machine that runs allows users to run applications with the native look of their host operating system. It also lets you install applications with a mouse-click, no need to compile software from source code.

You can watch Videos on LINA here


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