Ubuntu – Promising Desktop

9 01 2007

Ubuntu, being in the Linux grounds for more than 2 years has crossed a long way and succeeded in making Linux Desktop – an achievable factor.

My first Ubuntu experience started with Dapper Drake. I found the system to be more stable and nearly forgot the need to use Console 😀

Installing applications was very easy. Thanks to Synaptic Package Manager. Using Automatix, it was easier to set up my Desktop tp play MP3s, install Adbobe Acrobat Reader etc.,

The Desktop was clean and after a long time I liked Gnome. Dapper Drake has made me shift to Gnome which looks more kewl, thinner and also excellent than KDE.

Regarding Updates, I was well notifed regarding updates and also I was able to set when I should receive my updates.

After playing for a while with Dapper Drake, I took the daring step in upgrading my Dapper Drake to Edgy Eft. I changed my sources.list to Edgy Eft’s. You can find the Edgy Eft’s sources.lists at Ubuntu Guide. Then do a sudo update and sudo dist-upgrade.

Edgy Eft booted without any problems and indeed the Dist Upgrade was Success! Hats off to Ubuntu ! 😀 Great Work!

Installed Beryl and AIGLX in Edgy Eft and they look great!

Automatix2 is not getting installed in Edgy and am still trying to install it.

On the whole, Ubuntu just works ! 😀

For more help and information refer Ubuntu Guide

Enjoy !




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