Linspire and Canonical Partner !

8 02 2007

From the day I came to know more about Linux, this was running in my mind,

Common Platform for All Distributions
We have more than 100 linux distributions listed in Distrowatch.
Is there a single application package which tells that it can run in any linux distribution ? ( excluding source installaltion ). We havent yet achieved this eventhough we have many techniques and freedom to implement this.

And today, we have an answer from Mr. Kevin Carmony, CEO, Linspire Corp 🙂

This is really a big milestone. Thanks to Linspire and Canonical !

From the next releases, Linspire and Freespire will form the core from Ubuntu !

Below is their OS Building Block Stack. Its quite interesting 🙂

OS Building Block

What are some of the ways Linspire and Freespire will be different from Ubuntu?

So, being said that Linspire/Freespire will have the core from Ubuntu, what are the differences that makes Linspire/Freespire unique?

Here are just a few of the key differences:

  • Linspire and Freespire are designed exclusively for desktop use. (Ubuntu is also designed to work for servers.)

  • Linspire and Freespire designed their user interface to feel comfortable for users familiar with or migrating from Microsoft Windows.

  • Linspire and Freespire include proprietary codecs, drivers and applications for out-of-the-box hardware and multimedia support.

  • Linspire and Freespire are targeted at non-technical users and accordingly take ease of use to an extreme.

  • Linspire and Freespire fully incorporate CNR throughout. (Ubuntu will be incorporating aspects of CNR technology in the future.)

  • Linspire is designed to be pre-installed on PCs, with OEMs in mind, and includes a revenue sharing OEM program.

  • Linspire and Freespire are KDE based (rather than GNOME).




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