A Typical Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) Implementation

10 02 2007

Brief Explanation

  • There will be a central SMS Primary Site from where we would be managing our Servers. Here Server refers to any machine, be a Domain Controller (or) Application Server (or) File Server etc.,
  • As you can see, there are SMS Clients installed in all the Servers. These SMS Clients using Microsoft BITS, interact with the SMS Primary Site in providing Information requested.
  • The main functionalities of SMS Server have also been shown, which are,
    • Hardware Inventory Management
    • Software Inventory Management
    • Software Distribution
    • Software Metering
    • Reporting

    Microsoft SMS Implementation

    Systems Management Server

  • As you can see, the Primary Site controls all the SMS Clients. There can also be a Secondary Site been set to manage another set of Servers. Even with a Secondary Site, the implementation part would be as in the picture, except that this time the Seconday Site will be associated with the Primary Site.
  • If you compare SMS Implementation as how one would implement Active Directory Services, it helps a lot šŸ™‚


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