My weekend (24th – 25th) at Dunedin – Part 1

24 02 2007

I was bit worried on how I am going to spend my first weekend here at Dunedin. Today, Saturday went off well.

I got up only at 11 a.m :D. Had lunch, and joined the Tour to Cadbury Factory, Yes, we have the original Cadbury Factory at Duedin. It was kewl :). They showed us how they make different varieties of Chocalate and also how they pack them. The Indian Cadbury is totally different from this. I didnt see any Indian Cadbury types(Crackle, Desserts, Rich Almonds, Temptations) over there. The Chocalate Fall was really good, where Hot Chocalate just falls into a big container from the top!

Then, watched a movie – The Motorcycle Diaries in Spanish, with English sub-titles in the Mini Theatre at Hostel. The movie was nice. Its about the urge of the two friends, who want to travel all over the top from the bottom of South America, and the things which make them change. Good one to watch.

Then, in the evening, went out with friends for a good dinner. Had good chat, coffee and came to browse and thus Blog 🙂

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