Seeing a new world of Technology !

26 02 2007

I think its quite late that I came to know about the OpenSolaris Project . I didnt knew till today that Sun is also moving in a direction similar way the OpenSource giants are (RedHat, Novell, Linspire etc.,)

From the FAQ Section

The OpenSolaris Project consists of three key elements:

  • the OpenSolaris source code,
  • the OpenSolaris developer community, and
  • a website for collaboration:

The Solaris OS, however, is Sun’s operating system product, and future versions of Solaris will be based on technology from the OpenSolaris project. Solaris is available as a free binary download, and Sun offers service packages and regular updates. So, Solaris is a product supported by a company; OpenSolaris is a development project run by an community of developers.

Am pretty happy to see this and I have also ordered my Free Solaris Express free DVD 🙂

There are many OpenSolaris based distributions and I think NexentaOS seems to be promising.

I am very sure, this path, GNU/Solaris Community, is also gonna rock like the normal GNU/Linux Communities and am happy that I would be using them pretty much in my Masters study 😉

I downloaded NexentaOS Alpha 6 and its ready to get tested tomorrow !




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