How people get moved by the word “Freespire”

29 04 2007

Note : I have changed the Title from How people get moved by the word “Proprietary” to “How people get moved by the word “Freespire”

From the Freespire Wiki Page

“Freespire is a community-involved, Linux-based operating system…….but also provides users the choice of including proprietary codecs, drivers and applications as they see fit….”

Sounds sweet isnt it 🙂

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Adding entries to ldap – PyLDAP

24 04 2007

In my previous post I explained on how we connect to ldap server and query the ldap server through python and ldap bindings. Today let us see how we add and delete entries from the ldap server using the same python and ldap bindings

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Protester at Bill Gates, Beijing ceremony

24 04 2007

Wang Yang, also known as WangKaiyuan, chief China representative of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) barged into an award ceremony with Bill Gates and began yelling – “Free Software, Open Source”

Watch it 🙂

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Feisty bugs !

21 04 2007

Ok, with a Fresh Install of feisty, I have found many bugs in the default shipped Desktop Effects – the Compiz and you can find them here in the launchpad

And also I am not sure why Feisty is not having installed the Gnome Compiz Manager installed by default eventhough the compiz is installed by default.

To install gnome-compiz-manager in feisty, open your terminal and type

sudo apt-get install gnome-compiz-manager

Configuring compiz using this tool can make many of the bugs disappear. Most of the bugs appear becoz some of the settings are not set properly by the default compiz and this tool helps to. For example, for many, the Cube Workspae was disappearing and after once they configured it using the Gnome Compiz Manager , it works !

Feisty – Its Rocking !

19 04 2007

Yes, Feisty is officially released now 🙂

Here I describe some of the kewl features of Feisty and believe me, this is The Best Linux Distribution I have ever used !

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What happens if Bill and Steve had a talk :)

18 04 2007

What would happen if Bill Gates and Steve Jobs meet and had a talk ?

Lets watch it 🙂

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So far Feisty is…

18 04 2007

Ubuntu is back with another fantastic release Feisty Fawn today !

Feisty has been really excellent for me and had no problems though I have upgraded from Edgy !. Another partition is ready to do a fresh install 🙂

Before planning to download and use Feisty, if you would like to see so far how was Feisty was to many of the users, here is the poll (which is still open) results,

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