Decided to resign from Freespire :(

6 04 2007

Freespire -Freedom of Choice , but I didnt find the FREEDOM and was thrown back by many surprises from the Linspire Corporation regarding Freespire and had to take this decision..

Below is my post,

Hi All,

After thinking thoroughly, I have come to the decision of resigning from *spire. I think I will not be able to come out of things that have happened so far in the name of Community Distro . It would have been good if atleast the Community Board Members were involved in some decisions of Freespire, but that too didnt happen.

Freespire, I thought it to be a revolution, but things changed later and has made me to doubt regarding the ways its taking in terms of Community Involvement. I cannot be in a place where Community is just involved in asking ideas and how tos.

I also dont beleive that ever Leadership Board would hear Community Board or atleast discuss a bit. We werent sitting here simply and we were ready to lend our hands, but I should say Kevin and others neglected our presence.

And time has now come for me to resign….

I think Freespire should consider these points if they are advertising themselves as a Community Based Distribution,

1) Constant Communication between Leadership Board and Community Board and Technology Board (Please, no Insiders – they are totally different ! )

2) Announcing Freespire Projects and Branches and keeping the Development Platform open. Ofcourse, neglect the Proprietary content in the Open Development Branch and keep it closed for licensing issues.Its all about breaking the open source and proprietary and not making things complex.Infact, it would be good if we one click for removing the proprietary modules and one click for adding them. Thats the actual power of a LINUX DISTRIBUTION.

3) Having Developers interacting in the Technology Board Forum (I think the Technology Board is yet to be opened! )

4) Having nightly builds for Developers and Hackers (here too,not Insiders, for the COMMUNITY)

Still many, which I need not tell, as they are known to everybody.

Freespire cannot the change the meaning of Community Based Distribution and give reasons for that.

Some would say these are already there in freespire, if so,

1) Where are the DEVELOPERS ?
3) Where is the DEVELOPMENT CYCLE ?

Simple example is, the Community was very keen in removing JACK from Freespire and never ever they were informed about that until a release was out.

Some things have to change. There are two kinds of Users,
1) One group, who doesnt expect anything out of distro and it has to just work for them
2) Other group, who want to get into the real development and work and they choose a community distro for them

People who fall into the first category will not find this post so important, but the people from second category who do have some involvement in other community driven projects will sure understand about this.

Why am I writing a long post for my resignation ? Becoz, I want *spire users to understand the importance of so called COMMUNITY !

I could have changed my mind to stay here and change things, but unless the Linspire Inc., hear our voices, things wont change. You see, its really not a COMMUNITY DRIVEN PROJECT !

I would be visiting the forums for a while…

Sorry friends, I had to take this decision….

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