Feisty – Its Rocking !

19 04 2007

Yes, Feisty is officially released now 🙂

Here I describe some of the kewl features of Feisty and believe me, this is The Best Linux Distribution I have ever used !

Migration Assistant

This Assistant helps to import your Firefox, Gaim and Evolution settings from existing other Linux distributions in your system. And this is really useful when you have stored some important bookmarks in Firefox which you don’t want to lose them. And this would help you bring them to the newly installed Feisty !

Below are some screen shots

Initial Display of Migration Assistant showing other Distribution installed


After Selecting what you want to Import, and the User Account to be associated it looks like this,


And finally after Installing Feisty, I opened Firefox and saw my RSS reader and Bookmarks are same as in my usual Ubuntu !


Restricted Audio/Video Plugins Popup

Days are gone where people used to complain that its difficult to install Mp3 plugin and other stuffs. Feisty makes it easier by giving a pop-up telling that it needs some restricted format to play the audio/video and also downloads them :). Hurray, the next moment after Installation, I can play mp3 !

When I clicked on a mp3 audio file, I got this popup


And once I clicked Yes,


And after the Installation, I started listening to mp3 at once !

Wireless Connection Availability

Many would have missed the display of available wireless networks around and would have taken more time to download,install some extra applications to get that. Feisty has really made that simple ! The Picture can describe more than my words 🙂


Restricted Drivers Manager

I don’t have any nVidia or other hardware to really test this, but its been told that this reduces the pain to install those drivers and it can do the job out of the box !

Overall Feisty is really good and simply superb. After seeing all these features, why wouldn’t one use or upgrade to Feisty 🙂

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3 12 2010

I am very impress your this post, this is too much interesting. Thanks a lot…

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