www.raaga.com works now in Linux too !

26 05 2007

Ever felt you missed http://www.raaga.com and other sites which does not play in Linux with Firefox ? Now this has been fixed in their latest nightly build 🙂

Grab the nightly build of Real Player, install it and enjoy ! If you have opened firefox, just restart it and point to http://www.raaga.com and enjoy listening to online music 🙂




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16 06 2007

Hey: Need more detailed directions on how to install the Real Player on Ubuntu Linux 7.04 Fiesty Fawn – then look at the directions I have created here:


Venkatt Guhesan

16 06 2007
15 11 2007

Try http://www.musicmazaa.com, they use flash player with some awesome features like you can create your own public and private playlists ..

15 11 2007

Thanks Dinesh, thats a good site…there is also http://www.dishant.com which sometimes doenst create any problems in Linux, but there are many people who use Raaga !

7 12 2007

Wow that worked! Great! I had the same problem even in solaris..
Thank you! As someone said, next button is not working. I tried today(Dec 7,2007) with the latest build.

Probably you can file a bug report in helix community posting your steps to reproduce the bug.

Thanks once again…
Have a nice Time!

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