Klikit Linux is now officially announced !

13 06 2007

Hi everyone. Some of us who use various distros have joined forces for a fun project. This is not an effort to “steal” anyone from any preferred project or distro. I have made many friends in many communities over the years and there are no finer people than the Linspire and Freespire communities.

Come and take a look.

Klikit Linux is a Kubuntu based distro with it’s own graphical software installer mechanism called the klikit Storehouse. Like Kubuntu, Freespire, Xandros, Mepis, Pioneer, and a many others, Klikit is stable, fast, easy to install and many things work right ?out of the box.?

For those who do not know about the KlikIt installer, it has been around and used by some Linspire users since Linspire 4.5 in 2004. Since this is based off Ubuntu we still have the same package installation options as (K)Ubuntu, but that KlikIt is developing, as quick as possible. The Storehouse – already in alpha stage, is a web based apt-get front end with the advantage that it doesn’t depend on a central server that mirrors repositories, but on the “official” (K)Ubuntu repositories. Soon we will roll out our own repositories as a backup, and to include all of our unique stuff. Besides that it is COMPLETELY open to anybody and the scripts used are right there so anybody can view, modify, and contribute with newer ideas.

Besides the klikit software installer mechanism, which is really cool, one other thing sets us apart is our reason for existing. We are not here to take over the world, we do not care what our distrowatch rankings are (although the higher it goes, the cooler that would be), we have no commercial motive, we do not seek hardware vendors, and we are not out to disparage any other OSS efforts.Think of it as a LUG that happens to have it’s own distro. The main point is to socialize We exist to have fun. We like to think of it as- ?Linux for friends, by friends?. Make life long friends, and not only to say what you want in a distro, but to actually have the opportunity to see it in the distro. We have no governance, we have no constitution, we are a clubhouse making a fun and useful distro…as a community.

Our distro, and our community are both in an Alpha stage right now and developing very quickly. We would love for you to come along, get to know us, and help make our distro your distro and our community your community. You do not have to be a technical whiz, you do not have to be a great beta tester, you do not have to belong to only one project. You will not be told to RTFM and you will never be told you do not matter. You are the reason we are here.
So feel free to come to our forums . Register, introduce yourself, and help make a distro and a community from the ground up.




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