Google and Microsoft

25 06 2007

Google urges Microsoft to provide the users with a simple way of turning off Windows Vista’s integrated search function. In its turn, Microsoft insists that it is absolutely easy to install and get access to the rival Google Desktop software.

More info here

I see this pointless ! If Google thinks that Microsoft has made their life tough, its Google who has to respond and come out but pulling Microsoft to court telling that Vista does not allow the Search capability to be customized is like….hmm…..

I have found Google Desktop Search a crap and CPU hogging application and I seriously hate it ! Even when my new Dell System arrived, the first software I removed was the Google crap ! I do admire Google for their online search and have Google search as default for my Internet Explorer and Firefox but not for my Desktop !

For me, Windows Vista Search is good and gives me results I want.

Anyway, Google has won the court and now Microsoft will be releasing some changes to Vista Operating System in their Service Pack 1 which is planned late this year. I still dont see a point on this 😦 .

It would be nice if anybody can explain me why is this taken to court and does Microsoft dont have rights to put something on their Operating System ?? 😦




One response

27 06 2007
David Xie

I don’t really like the Google Desktop as well, it doesn’t look as good as the Vista sidebar 🙂

This reminds me of the Windows Media Player issues in Europe…maybe later on they will release a new version (of Vista) that doesn’t include the search function 😉

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