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28 06 2007

Is Linux Splitting into Two Factions?

Earlier, I wrote an entry on the Linspire and Microsoft deal which was based on previous Linspire Letter (LL).

There are many things said, announced by Linspire creating much hype, but there is nothing seen in action yet and how would one believe so much in Linspire when there is not even a Beta Release of Freespire yet ! Remember, Freespire is the test bed for Linspire. Now the Freespire 2.0 stable release would be test bed for the Linspire 6.0 release. Till today, there is nothing been productive from Linspire.

If you see their Calendar, you can see they havent kept with the schedule (as on June 28,2007, If the calendar gets updated , sorry 😦 )

From LL,

I prefer Linspire over other distributions;

Its really tough to imagine sticking to so old linux version – Linspire 5 and until Linspire 6 comes out and undergoes thorough testing, Linspire is considered to be a failure amongst the Linux Masses.


Linspire’s strategy has been a very simple one…build a Linux distribution with more capabilities for desktop computing than any other distro. We do that by starting with what we feel is the best foundation that open source Linux has to offer for desktop computing (Debian-based Ubuntu) and building critical bits and pieces that provide more functionality and a better user experience, such as:

    • Using KDE (adds ease of use with a more comfortable look and feel for most of today’s computer users familiar with Windows)

    • Modifying Applications (to add features and increase ease of use)

    • Adding CNR (a one-click easy way to install, manage and update thousands of applications, both open source and commercial)

    • Adding Proprietary Codecs (so you can play MP3 files, watch DVDs, play Windows Media movie trailers, etc.)

    • Adding Proprietary Software (include or provide access to software like Win4Lin, Java, Flash, Parallels, commercial games, etc.)

    • Adding Proprietary Drivers (for better 3D graphic card support, better WiFi support, etc.)

Still, no Linspire 6, all the above are considered void !

So, my kind request to Linspire – Release, Show people what you can do, Get feedback from People and then be proud on whatever you speak of !




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