Linspire’s next move

3 07 2007

Kevin Carmony, Chief Executive at Linspire said,

“Interoperability with Microsoft Office documents is critical, and Linspire is pleased to join this ongoing effort with Novell and Microsoft to bring document interoperability to our mutual customer base.”

Jean Paoli, General Manager for Interoperability and XML architecture at Microsoft, said:

“We believe in delivering interoperability by design for the benefit of our customers.”

More here

Its quite interesting how Kevin has addressed the same issue earlier in his Linspire Letter

Especially Kevin ends up this way,

When a company has billions of dollars riding on the monopoly of their operating system and office suite, don’t look for them to just roll over and join the open format movement. Learn from the magician, and keep your eyes on BOTH hands at all times! If, like me, you don’t want to wait and find out what other tricks Microsoft has up their sleeve, make the move to Linux, open formats, open standards, and OpenOffice today!




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