Linspire – Money Minded ??

5 07 2007

Recently Kevin Carmony, CEO of Linspire Corporation announced in the forums that,

“Updates” are free, but “Upgrades” are not. Meaning, if you buy Linspire 5.0, CNR Gold members can get an “update” to 5.1 at no charge. “Upgrades” between versions, however, are not included. This is because we need to pay our licensing fees each time and can’t afford to give these away.
Those who purchased Linspire 5.x within 30 days will, however, get a free upgrade to 6.0.

So basically it means that if you have already purchased CNR Gold Membership with Linspire 5.1 , you cant upgrade to Linspire 6.0 and you have to buy Linspire 6.0 separately. Linspire now has become no value to its old customers.

The reason quoted is very simple here, Linspire wants to pay their licensing fee and for that they have compromised their old Customers !

How would anyone now believe Linspire ? If I buy Linspire 6 with CNR Gold Membership and later if they announce that I cant upgrade to Linspire 7 without purchasing again, its BULL SHIT ! How would one believe Linspire ?

Till now there has been no answer given to the numerous queries put down by the Linspire Users.

Lets see whether Linspire listens to their customers or not….




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13 10 2007

I was looking for “could we upgrade linspire 5.0 to 7.0”, when i found your post… Thank you for the details. I just think that it is fair that they let the customers pay for the licensing.

Don’t people pay to change new versions of software anyway ? One cant just do a free or discounted upgrade from Win98 to Win2000 or from Win XP to Vista ?

Further there is Freespire which is free. Dont you agree ?

13 10 2007

ark, I agree with you. But applying the same to Lifetime Insiders (who paid a big sum and became loyal Linspire Users who were told that any release would be free to them) was a big issue. Anyways, its been solved now and some of those loyal people are using Linspire and some have moved to other distros because Linspire kept them waiting,waiting…waiting while good innovations were coming out of other distros :)..

I am also not using *spire anymore and dont see their distribution to be the “Easiest Linux Desktop” now 😦

13 10 2007

And may i ask which then is the “easiest linux desktop” now. ..
Point me to a post of yours (if you have one).

13 10 2007

Hi Ark,

I have seen this differs from person to person…you could try openSUSE 10.3 (latest release) and also just wait for Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon to release , just 2 days more could choose any one of these. Am using openSUSE 10.3 along with my Vista Ultimate and its been good for me.

So, If you ask me which is “easiest linux desktop” now, its either,

1) openSUSE 10.3 (or)
2) Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon


24 10 2007

thank u chaks.
planning ubuntu.

27 10 2007

Stubbled upon Wubi – a windows installer for Ubuntu. Installed it on my Tablet… works just fine – got the latest Ubuntu version I guess.
Loved the ease of installation too.
Just an FYI.

28 10 2007

Hi ark,

Yea, Wubi is good to install Ubuntu from Windows πŸ™‚

Happy that you are enjoying your system πŸ™‚

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