Linspire does remember their old CNR Gold Customers :)

9 07 2007

As to my previous post, where Linspire announced that the current CNR Gold Members would not be able to upgrade to Linspire 6, there was a big confusion going on in their forums and also it looked like Linspire betrayed their exisinting CNR Gold customers. Today Kevin, CEO of Linspire, announced in the forums that,

Sorry about the confusion. I’ve been away from the forums for a few days as I had a lot of family staying at my house for the 4th of July weekend. I came back and read your posts. So, I went back and looked,and sure enough, we had promised upgrades to CNR Gold users, so we will honor that for existing CNR Gold members. Thanks for catching this error on my part.

We will, however, as of today, July 9th, be changing that policy and messaging for future CNR Gold subscription sales. We have to do this because there are some pretty substantial per-unit costs associated with Linspire, and we don’t make any money on Linspire otherwise. We’re are also, moving forward, trying to keep Linspire and integrated but a bit more independent. For future CNR Gold subscriptions, they will get free “updates” between major releases but not “upgrades” to a major release. (We don’t have to re-pay our licensing for updates, but we do for upgrades.)

So, to clarify, if you are a current CNR Gold member (including lifetime or multi-year members), you will have access to Linspire 6.0 at no charge, as well as any future update/upgrades that are released during the term of any CNR Gold subscriptions that were purchased prior to today.

Thanks, and sorry again for the confusion.


This is a good news for existing CNR Gold Customers that they neednt buy Linspire 6 and can upgrade to that with their exsiting membership. However, for future releases and if you sign up now for CNR Gold Membership, you wont be entitled for upgrades for the future releases and they have stated their reason for that.

Thanks Kevin 🙂




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