Linspire 6.0 released !

12 07 2007

After a long wait Kevin informed us the Release in the forums :),

After several months of hard work (and patience and waiting on your part =), these three new, and very important products, will soon be released. I wanted to post an update for everyone on where things are at with each of these products and when they can expect to see them released.

Freespire 2.0

This week we will be releasing Release Candidate 1 (RC1) for Freespire 2.0. We plan on this being the final Freespire 2.0 release, provided we don’t find any major problems. (Other bugs or changes will have to wait for the next Freespire release in 6 months.) RC1 will have everything in it that the final 2.0 will have except for the CNR plugin (see my comments on below). Once the CNR plugin is finished and added, that will become the final Freespire 2.0. The next release of Freespire will then be in about 6 months, based on the next Ubuntu release, which is due out in October.

The new plugin remains the “long pole” in things. For those of you who have been following the alpha CNR site, you have seen that the site is coming along very nicely. The challenge has been with the new, open-sourced CNR plugin. It has just taken longer than we hoped it would to get it finished and working with the new site. Needless to say, completely redoing CNR from top to bottom was no small task, but we’re just about there. We are probably still a couple of weeks away from the CNR plugin for both Freespire and Linspire being available.

Linspire 6.0 (for OEMs)

This week we plan on rolling out a new Linspire website as well as releasing Linspire 6.0. Many of you may be wondering, “Huh? How can they be releasing Linspire 6.0 without CNR or before Freespire 2.0 is released?” Let me explain. It has to do with some significant deals we have pending with OEMs. Computer manufactures have set production cycles, and we have to work with certain windows of opportunity or delay including Linspire for several months to these OEMs. Linspire 6.0 has been certified for these pending OEM deals and is quite ready for these PCs. As is the case with Freespire RC1, Linspire 6.0 will not include the CNR plugin, but it does have a CNR desktop icon which explains how to get the plugin from once it is available.

Because this release is really more for OEMs, we will not be issuing any press releases or making a big deal about Linspire 6.0 yet. There will be very few differences between Linspire 6.0 and Freespire RC1, which brings us to…

Linspire 6.1 (for everyone else)

Once we have Linspire 6.0 available for these OEMs, we will continue making modifications, such as basing off of the final Freespire 2.0, adding the CNR plugin, updated and expanded codec support for Windows Media, etc. Linspire 6.1 will then be out a few weeks after 6.0, and this version will be the “official” Linspire “6.0” that we will promote in press releases, scream out to the world, that you’ll want to consider using, etc.

So, if you’re running Freespire RC1 or 2.0, there will be little value in moving to Linspire 6.0, but you may want to take a look at Linspire 6.1 when it’s available, as it will have several changes from Freespire.

To help recap, here’s the basic time line:

This week – Freespire RC1 and Linspire 6.0 (for OEMs)
In a couple of weeks – Freespire 2.0 and the new with plugin for Linspire and Freespire users
In a few weeks – Linspire 6.1 (ready for prime time for general users) and a CNR plugin for Ubuntu

Thanks everyone. I’ll be glad when all these products are released. I know it may seem like it’s been a long journey, but we made a lot of significant changes with these products (basing off of Ubuntu, separating out, etc.). The good news is that these products will all be very current and based off the latest and greatest technology, and we now have the infrastructure in place to keep them current.



Screenshots are available here.The Linspire site too has a new look now which is much more better than the earlier one .I have already started my download and would soon give a review here in my blog ­čÖé




5 responses

30 08 2007

A “few weeks” for the CNR plugin? It’s been longer than that.
Perhaps you should hire more programmers. I suppose there have been too many profit loses…
Good luck.

30 08 2007

Hi Richard, I am also not happy with the way things have gone with Linspire and asked for refund of money back. Its realy frustrating to see things go wrong

5 06 2016
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9 06 2016

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30 07 2016

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hat kurzfristig geholfen, aber leider nicht nachhaltig.

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