Recent Vista Tech Shakedown FUD

5 08 2007

If one take a look at Microsoft News, and Zdnet Blogs, one could notice that the most popular post is that some recent Vista upgrade forced a reboot after it upgraded the system. I havent seen which update of Microsoft forced them for a reboot and the links to that Microsoft KnowledgeBase Article.

Ofcourse this comes from the people who have been bashing the Vista release and its nothing new from them to hear about these. I should say , they should go learn how to handle Systems in their Company/Firm. Though Microsoft recommends to have set up the Updates to be Automatic, its not good to just install Updates when they arrive, especially when you are working as a System Administrator in a Company.

I use Microsoft Vista Ultimate as my Main OS in one of my laptops and I be sure to manually check for Updates 2 days once and install the updates. But I haven’t encountered any such incident that Vista forced me to reboot. The people who said that Vista forced them for a reboot need to give the appropriate Update Details and how their Update settings are set to pull Updates from Microsoft.

When I was working as Windows Server 2003 lead, We used to check the Updates details, whether it needs a restart/reboot or not and whats the Priority of that released update. One just cant install an Update since its available by Microsoft. Some updates may or may not be useful for us. And am sure these people need some training on how to handle the updates.

Here is my Vista Update settings,


(Click to enlarge)

And from the screen shot below, you could clearly see that whether this Update requires reboot or not and also the Update Type


(Click to enlarge)

Now, I know there would be a separate group which would come up laughing at how the Windows Update is and start campaigning to use Linux ! Brothers and Sisters, given a Linux System, its more vulnerable to updates failure than Windows and also a Linux System can be broken very easily if the Kernel Updates fail. So, it doesn’t matter whether Linux or Windows, its how we handle Updates.

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3 responses

5 08 2007
David Xie

I haven’t seen an update thats forces me to reboot…maybe some hackers need to write one that does this 😉

6 08 2007

$: bash microsoft
$: hack
$: flood
All in a day’s …. (oops forced reboot) …!

6 08 2007

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