Linspire CEO Mr.Kevin Carmony resigns

6 08 2007

Its been ups and downs for Linspire for the past one year and now the worse has come out. Linspire CEO – Kevin Carmony has resigned from Linspire on July 31st, 2007. More news here

All the posts I posted at the Freespire Forums have been deleted by their moderators and its really bad that they haven’t even sent a PM to me regarding this. Its officially announced over the Internet and also Kevin has changed his Bio in his website. From his Bio,

From 2001 to 2007, Kevin served as the President, and later as CEO, of Linspire, Inc. (formerly Lindows), “The world’s easiest desktop Linux” operating system.

Its really a bad reputation for Freespire to delete posts and not even sending a message to the author regarding that. I had created nearly 5 posts and all were deleted. Have a look here at Klikit forums about it 

Linspire needs some super power which can bring back them to the Linux World. Lets wait and watch who is the next honorable CEO of Linspire !




3 responses

6 08 2007
David Xie

Just read what you guys said on the forum (, I am a bit disappointed that they didn’t let you know before deleting your post…

7 08 2007

I also followed (and sympathized) w/ your recent “deleted posts debacle”. After all of the clandestine erasing, you _really_ didn’t think that you would get a more respectful followup treatment (apology) did you? *spire needs to do some introspection/reevaluation of future goals, I believe that your voice would be helpful in that (when cooler heads prevail). Take care Chaks.

7 08 2007

Thanks alfrede. I have moved out of darker places and decided not to turn back. Funny thing is that, even after people know they are doing mistakes, they get supporters due to the fact that they are a Corporation called Linspire !

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