The Freespire Dictatorship Rules at Freespire/Linspire Forums

8 08 2007

I am sure many would come out saying that I have violated by invoking the Godwin’s Law. The problem is, if you really see dictatorship prevailing, what would you call it ? You cant substitute another word for it.

So whats all this about ?

Everyone knows that Kevin resigned from Linspire and Steven.J.Vaughan Nichols  had interviewed on behalf of Linux Watch and was published online  before anyone had announced or posted at Freespire Forums.

Myself been with Freespire for nearly 2 years was surprised with Kevin’s resignation because he wasnt such a person who could resign just like that. He had the whole energy to fight with the Linux Community regarding Linspire’s ideas and also his Linspire Letters were creating more hype for the past few months. I went on and created a thread over at Freespire Forums under the section Linspire General Discussion asking what was happening.

Did I get any response ? Yes, the thread was deleted and few who replied to that thread were also surprised about it. Created another, heck, it was also deleted. I was frustrated. What was happening ? I knew it should be one of the cheapest act of Dr.Jones alias S3Indiana alias Ken who is the Chairperson of Freespire Forums and employed by Linspire Corporation. So, created another thread asking Ken why the threads are being deleted. Here is the screenshot of that thread (I took a screenshot because all my threads were being deleted)

(Click to enlarge)

The above thread too was deleted and it continued. So I started the discussion back at my friendliest forums  where I came to know I was not alone. Few who had replied also replied there that they were surprised to see the posts I created being deleted and no one knew whats the reason.

So, one of the person who replied sent a PM (Personal Message) to Ken asking about this and he got a reply stating that Ken is waiting for a formal announcement from Linspire but no answer for who is deleting the threads. I didnt understand because everything that had reference to Kevin as Linspire’s CEO was taken off and even the Interview was out in the web through Steven.J. Vaughan Nichols even at Desktop Linux website. I was frustrated that there was no indication given to the author that why the thread is being deleted and also the whole Linux World knew Kevin has resigned !

So, I waited for some time, and later I saw another user had posted about Kevin’s resignation and his thread was not deleted. So I was very clear about this and had the hunch it was yet another cheapest act of Ken that he doesnt wanted ME to post regarding this. That thread changed as formal announcement (Yes, Linspire Corporation has not yet given a formal bye-bye thread for Kevin ) and mine was considered to be spam.

I never got a PM from any of the moderators regarding deletion of  my threads.

So I started a thread seeking explanation from freespire/linspire moderators regarding this act. There were many who did tell that this was bad , yet our friend Ken wasnt seen in the discussion. And later when I raised my voice, Ken entered into the discussion and informed this,

Sunday night/ Monday morning 05/06 August 2007 (around midnight PDT) in what in hindsight was haste, I made a decision to quell rumors on the resignation of Kevin Carmony as the President and CEO of Linspire, Inc. Given the time (most people are asleep around that time I could not communicate the issue to get guidance, so made that decision to hopefully allow it to be handled when work began today (Monday after 0900). Anyone that privately PM’d around midnight was provided the answer:


An official response tomorrow (Monday)…

which is all I could supply at the time. The formal response has been provided. The intention was to provide an accurate response to the article, not to cause the issues presented in this thread. My apologies…

Yea, Kevin’s resignation was kept so secret that in spite of it flooding the Internet, our friend Ken from Linspire was seeking a confirmation from Linspire. It was his sole decision and it was indeed he who deleted the threads I created.

I was seeking a proper apology and explanation on the deletion of my threads and why was the other User’s thread not deleted. No answer for that.  I started asking more and more but our friend Ken didnt post anything after this and the moderators came up with these replies,

Again, these forums are owned and run by Linspire Inc. and THEY control them (it’s the same as a Microsoft forum if it’s ran by Microsoft).Basically they have the power to delete your account (and mine) without giving ANY reason for it. Now they probably won’t because it would give them even more bad press but if they want to do it they CAN do it. (Forum access is a previlege not a right) and as long as they keep your CNR Gold membership live for the duration of your membership (lifetime if you have a lifetime membership) there is little you can do about it (I guess).

The truth is, Ken can go crazy and delete every other post if he wants to and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do but cry in your cereal over it. Don’t for a second think this is the only Linux forum on the internet that removes content as *they* see fit……..head on over to Ubuntu for a look see. Maybe these forums should come with a disclaimer when you sign up…..something to the effect of anything deemed inappropriate can be removed. Oh wait! They already do.

So, want to know what was that the other User posted ? Here you go,

Is this really true

geez…does that look like a link to another article somewhere in the web. So here is another explanation from one of the moderator regarding deleting my thread,

I guess it’s policy of Linspire not to do these things (they don’t want people speculating to much in things so they try to keep it secret until they have an announcement on it).Is this the wrong method ? Maybe but if it’s a corporate decision (policy) there is little we can do about it.

but a blog or internet news site doesn’t make it “official” 

So how come this thread which cannot be taken according to the moderators prevailed with a link to some article over the Internet ?

And the worst, I got a PM from one of the moderators stating,

The thread has been locked (nazi reference)
Godwin’s law has been invoked.

I understand that you feel like you have been singled out for censorship. But an explanation has been given. Move on.

So, I was pushed to move on and my thread in which people were expressing their views/opinions was locked and the Moderators starting going behind our friend Ken and started bashing in any way they could. They werent ready to analyse that Ken was actually dictating everybody in the forums (one should really mingle with the forums to get that feel, without that one may feel I am ranting). The moderators who turned the blame on me were my close online friends and we are also involved with Klikit Linux. 

I was surprised how these “2 moderators” were devoted to Freespire until this incident happened. You come to know about your friends only when something disastrous happens. so I replied back this to one of those “2 moderators”

From Freespire Forum of Conduct,

6 ) If a thread is spam it will be removed.
7 ) Adult Content/Violence/Illegal Activity: Messages containing sexually oriented/violent/illegal dialog, images, content, or links to such will be deleted. Messages with links to or suggesting illegal activity will also be deleted. These actions could result in a ban.
8 ) Thread Drifting/Steering: Please keep discussions on topic. Non-technical and Non-3rd party project discussions belong in the Off Topic forum.

Was my thread that I had created spam ?
Was my thread that I had created had Adult Content/Violence/Illegal Activity ?
Wast my thread that I had created Off Topic ?

Answer for yourself for what I was seeking explanation and apology. Was it for me or for the Community ? It was very clear in Ken’s act that he intended my threads to be deleted. Why he hadnt deleted the tstrike’s thread on this issue ? Was tstrike thread a formal announcement ?

Ken is dictating and I hadnt told something which was not happening(dictatorship). If mentioning that was a problem, I am sorry, but that is the truth.

Are you afraid to take action on Ken ? Why ? Becoz he is from an Organisation ? Will you be banned for that? Remember, if something happens to you and if you have valid reason, you will get thousands of people supporting you, including me !

What had to be done is/was done. And now Ken has got the good name, very good name all becoz of his co-moderators. Good work for the Community !

When I have to decide between Community and Moderation , I am sorry, I go with Community !

I dont know to whom and how I would explain all the nonsense going on the Freespire Forums and how cheap is their Chairperson Ken Jones is. Remember, no one opted for Ken Jones as Chairperson. I would be really happy to start Boycott Ken for Freespire’s benefit.

So finally, its the Power which rules and not the Community. So, before you go to Freespire Forums, be ready to be controlled by their Moderators and the worst Chairperson named Ken Jones.

If you read the Freespire Forum of Conduct, Ken should be banned or at the least be given warning for deleting my posts.

I leave it to my friends/communities for this to be taken seriously or as a rant….




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