Add Service Reference in VS 2008

13 08 2007

I had posted earlier regarding adding WCF Services as Reference in VS 2005. Today I would take you to steps to do in VS 2008, where the wizard is much better than those extensions used in VS 2005 🙂

As usual, if you right click on the Reference in the Solution Explorer, you  get the Add Service Reference


Once you click on the Add Service Reference, you get a dialog box asking the address of the service. You can enter the service address (I had hosted my service in IIS 7). Once the service is found, it gives a good view about the Service. Have a look below in the screenshot


(Click to enlarge)

If you want any advanced settings like making your Service class Internal, you could go on clicking the Advanced button. There is also an Add Web Service reference. I think its for ASMX Web Services. Havent got any application to test, lol.


(Click to enlarge)

The VS 2008 Add Service Reference Wizard is much more better than the WCF extensions in VS 2005 and also the code generated by wizard doesnt have the namespace problems which VS 2005 produces in some of the WCF Service Maps.




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31 12 2008
Mitur Binesderti

If it actually worked that would be great. As it is it completely destroys all working applications, makes it impossible to debug even on your local machine and is all around a really crappy job. It seems that when they FINALLY get something working like webservices they have to destroy it. Like they did with Offices’ menus.

3 07 2009
23 10 2009

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24 10 2009

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29 11 2009

The *big* question is how to deploy a WebForms application that makes use of Service References.
As far as I know the Web References needed no special deployment treatment -you just had your app built.

On the other hand, I have failed to deploy WebForm apps with Service References. When I run the executable, I get a nasty exception about not being able to locate ‘endpoints’…

Any ideas?

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