Will Linspire/Freespire come back to the race ?

18 09 2007

We had many news regarding Linspire,

1) Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony resigns

2) Linspire/Freespire not sticking to the release dates, getting postponed and finally releasing a dumb product without CNR and also many many problems (I have installed and now its in my rubbish bin)

So where are they heading ? Its better they come out of the *spire business and start concentrating only on CNR. But even then, Its gonna be very difficult as there are more expectations with the upcoming openSUSE and Fedora releases which has heaps of good features and improvements. Even Ubuntu is getting ready with its Gutsy Gibbon. And the one which remains back is *spire. There are many many one click installation systems now in the Linux World !

I have lost hope on them way back when I posted about their dictatorship at the forums .

I dont know what other users are discussing over there at the forums as if you see the queries, heaps of other distros solve them, lol. But those poor users dont get to know them.

Kevin has started his own blog here 

Its high time Linspire Corporation decided something on where they are moving.

Any sign of new CEO at the forums?…err….No Comments 😀




One response

7 12 2007

I started out with Lindows 4.5, the prestage for Linspire. It was the best thing for computing. I went ot Linspire 5.0 and it was even better. It automatically recognized my wifi, printer, and everything right out to the box. When they changed to the Ubuntu platform in Linspire 6.0, I was very dissapointed. It not longer recognized my wifi. In fact, you couldn’t upgrade, you had to do a total reinstall. The big kicker was when they partnered with Microsoft. When that happened, I trashed it and wrote them a very outspoken reply to their decision. I got Linux to get rid of Micrsoft, not to run side by side. If Linspire decides to desengage from them, I may consider using them again–maybe. At this point, I will stick to Mandriva 2008. It is awsome!

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