Has Linspire fallen already ? – Bye Bye forever !

18 10 2007

Linspire was once the World’s Easiest Linux Desktop Operating System

The tagline is good, but how far it stands to that is the point šŸ˜¦

With the releases of openSUSE 10.3, Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and other Linux distributions like PCLinux OS, Klikit Linux, Linux Mint etc., *spire is way down and its still going down, down into deep …. šŸ˜¦

I wouldn’t even bother to recommend *spire to any of my friends !

We have seen more falls in Linspire recently than any rise and unfortunately this has led to a miserable releases of Freespire and Linspire !

1) Ubuntu snags top Linspire staffersĀ 

2)Ā  Linspire executives exodus ?

3) Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony resignsĀ 

And to add more

1) Linspire 6.0 – Two steps backĀ 

There isn’t much hype going on at their forums too. I am sorry to tell that their forums are so tight that unless you register, you cant view most of the users’ complaints, whinnings etc.,

Oh..last but not the least – Where is Kevin now ? – You guessed it right !Ā  He is with …….. (here) and (here)

So, Farewell *spire and Bye Bye forever !




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