Switched from Outlook 2007 to Windows Live Mail

20 10 2007


Finally I have made my switch from Outlook 2007 to Windows Live Mail 🙂

Live Mail is really slick, easy to use and has the basic ingredients of what you may expect as a mail reader 😉

And also has a cool interface 😀

windows-live-mail.png windows-live-mail-1.png

The only thing I miss with this Live Mail is integration of Live Events and publishing Calendar online. I do believe that Live Events will soon be integrated 😀



12 responses

12 06 2008
Karl Robinson

I have a customer who is deperate to connect to a single HOTMAIL account used for emergencies. They are however all running Terminal Services which Live mail does not appear to support. If I install Live Mail on the local client (i.e. before opening an RDP session) it works, but will not display any downloads over the RDP screen. If I install Outlook Connector it works (although scheduling seems a bit haphazard) but rules are not triggered by mail coming into the HOTMAIL inbox (although they work fine if triggered manually).
Using Messenger 2008 only seems to update the HOTMAIL counter if I click on it.

Is seems that there is no way to automatically generate an alert on a Terminal Services connected client when a mail is delivered to a HOTMAIL account.

13 02 2009
Andy Anderson

How did yo switch from Outlook 2007 WLM…. My version of WLM will not import email from Outlook 2007. Please help if you can.

22 12 2010

I do have same problem 😦 If you get any other solution pls inform me.,

21 03 2009

How do I make the switch from Outlook 2007 to Windows Live Mail?
Where does Windows Live Mail store its data files?
Please help.

1 01 2010
Paul Conto

Im in the same boat im upgradeing ym parents computer and they cant find their outlook disk so im just going to put there e-mail to WLM. but i HAVE to backup outlook into /live and cant figure out how to do it.

20 02 2010
Dr. Rimshaker

1) Open outlook express 6 to import messages from outlook 2007
2) Then export your outlook express 6 to a .dbx file
2) Open WLM and import the resulting .dbx file

Hope this helps.

28 09 2010

Please let me know how to use windows live on a thin client running windows terminal server.

20 10 2010

Ciao, ho un nuovo pc con windows 7 e windows live mail, come faccio ad importare su questo pc le mail che ho su un altro pc con windows 7 ma microsoft office oulook 7?

5 02 2011

by mistake i have imported all my email from Live e-mail ac to my outlook 2007. Now when i check my live account i dnt have any backup in it and all my message are store on my computer. I want to Export all my e-mail and everything back to my live account from outlook 2007, I just hate cause it takes your freedome to check your mail from anywhere. Please help.

8 10 2011


How can Export my emails from outlook 200 to WLM? Im using window 7 home premium 64bit. already tanks.

23 01 2013

Hi I made a mistake by imported all my amailsfrom live to outlook. please can you export all my emailsto my live account. I dont want access in my emails.
Please help urgently

13 01 2015


Switched from Outlook 2007 to Windows Live Mail | C h a k s’ C o r n e r

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