Thumbs up to Windows Live Services !

20 10 2007


At the start Windows Live started with MSN Hotmail turning into Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Messenger. Then we saw the Live Search gearing up and then followed many excellent services 🙂

So how far have they gone today ? Here is a list 😉

1) Live Search (and

2) Live Maps

3) Windows Live Spaces

4) Windows Live Mail

5) Windows Live Photo Gallery

6) Windows Live Writer

7) Windows Live Messenger

8 ) Windows Live Mail

9) Windows Live Domains

10) Windows Live Skydrive

11) Windows Live Events

12) Windows Live Onecare Family Safety

13) Windows Live Office Workspace (not yet started, but you could register for it now)

The list below is from Windows Live Labs 🙂

14) Listas

15) Photosynth

16) Deepfish

17) Seadragon

And also,

18) Popfly

Things are improving a lot with Windows Live and I am already in it using most of their Live Services 🙂

To stay in touch with Windows Live updates,

1) Windows Live Blog

2) Windows Vista Blog

If I have missed anything in the list, please feel free to comment and I will update it 😉


19) Live Alerts

20) Windows Live Mobile (from your mobile device)




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