Windows Live Hotmail brings in Linked Windows Live IDs

20 10 2007


We do maintain many email accounts and if at all you have more than one Windows Live ID account, for example, one for your work, one for your personal user, you could now link them with a parent account and access them by signing into that parent account 🙂

This also works with accounts created via Windows Live Domains 😉

This Linked ID option is available in your Account Page


Once you link you account, you get to switch to the other account on the right hand side menu of your Live Hotmail 🙂


So, now I can login into any of the accounts and access both 😉

Cool 😀



One response

2 04 2008

This feature i a good one but with a bug. I had linked 2 of my hotmail accounts with this feature and have been using it for a while. All of a sudden emails of one of my account got deleted completely due to inactivity. What hotmail told me is that there is a bug in the system which thinks that one of the account is inactive as i logged in using other account. So if you want to use this feature dont forget to sign in using all ur accounts once in a while or risk loosing u r mails

kris (

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