Windows Live Mail – View by conversation

27 10 2007


Gmail users should now be used to viewing their messages by conversation. To make it simple, if you have 2 or more conversations of the same subject, Gmail groups them into a single view and when you click on them, it takes you to other messages.

Here is an example in Gmail,


You can I have 2 conversations and 6 conversations in the next. So, when new mail regarding that conversation arrives, it goes into that and I will know something new related to that subject has arrived.

You can do the same with Windows Live Mail 🙂

Enable the View by conversation by going to the View menu as below


Once you select that, if there are any messages in your Inbox, it gets updated accordingly 😉

You will see a arrow kinda thing at the start if it has multiple conversations,


And if you expand by clicking on that arrow kinda thing,


I like this feature very much and happy that Windows Live Mail has brought in 😀

Please implement this feature into Windows Live Hotmail, please 😀




12 responses

27 10 2007

Haha. I have the same email as the only one in a conversation type on my list 😉

8 11 2007

Any idea, why I have this option greyed (so I am not able to activate it)?

11 11 2007
Jimmy S.

Same poblem as konhEm, view by conversation option is grayed out.

11 11 2007
Jimmy S.

For future readers: the layout must be in single line to use view by conversation.

12 11 2007


Thats a good find. I was wondering why KonhEm was not able choose the View By Conversation option. Now its cleared – Thanks a lot 🙂

19 11 2007

Thanks to all 🙂

16 01 2008

One thing I’ve noticed with conversation view in Windows Live Mail is that it doesn’t seem to bring the conversation to the top based on the most recent email. So if you have some conversation started two months ago, it’ll remain at that slot, even while new emails get put into the conversation thread. This is because newest emails get put at the bottom of the conversation thread.

The whole conversation eventually gets buried under newer emails/conversations.

14 08 2008

“the layout must be in single line to use view by conversation.”
How do I do this?

5 01 2010
Paul C

View (Alt + V If menu bar is hidden) > Layout… > Message List > Select ‘One-line view’

13 12 2012

Conversation follow grayed out even in One Line view.

13 12 2012

Ah Maaan ! Paul, You have to select Two Line view to be able to activate Conversation follow !!

11 10 2013

My experience is that the one line or two line view is not the issue, however you must have sorted by DATE. Wish it supported conversation when viewed by SUBJECT as well, I miss that.

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