Think twice before you put the blame on Vista!

5 11 2007

 winvista-button_rgb.jpgHere is a good experience to not always put the blame on Vista!

The experience is coming from none other than me 😀

The Problem

My Dell Inspiron 6400 E1505 does not wake up if I put to Sleep (the default shutdown in Vista) or Hibernation

Hardware Specs

1) Intel Core 2 Duo T5300 – 1.73 GHz

2) 2 GB RAM

3) Video Card – nVidia GeForce Go 7300

4) 160 GB SATA Hard disk

Problem Description

When put to sleep and then try to wake up the machine, it shuts it down by itself or sometimes does a restart. So, this happens when any Power Management scheme is chosen and also with or without hybrid sleep.

I really wanted this feature because this is one of the cool features I like in Vista.

So, I called up Dell and discussed with them regarding this problem. During my first call, I nearly spent 2 hours ! They wanted to install/uninstall nVidia Drivers and were arguing that I had updated my nVidia Driver and that should have led to the problem. Well, I told them to do whatever they want. They tried every possible way but they couldn’t make my laptop wake up after sleep or hibernation. I had also told them that since this problem was there in the default installation what Dell shipped me, I upgraded to Windows Vista Ultimate (which was my own copy). Now, since I told this, they caught that as a reason and told that it should be Software Problem and Dell doesn’t support for Software Problems. I clearly told them this is a PCI Interrupt problem which is conflicting with the motherboard and graphics card,but they were not ready to listen to me. They told me to contact Microsoft or any other Software Technician regarding this and also gave me Microsoft NZ number. I also told them I have installed Vista from Dell DVD and still the problem persists. So Vista version doesn’t matter here !

I did a research, even asked few of my friends at Microsoft NZ office and it was clear to me after several google searches that this is related to conflict between motherboard and graphics card. And also one of the thing I was asked to do was to change my sleep state, which is currently S4 to S3, but Dell Bios doesn’t have that option. So now, I did another call to Dell and they said changing sleep state is not good and Dell will not suggest to do that. So I asked them what can I do ? I told them that from the day I got this Laptop, I am having this problem. So, they came down, gave me a link of a Software which allows me to change my sleep state. But after exploring that software, I didn’t find even a single place that allows me to change my sleep state. Dell also told that they would get back to me that following week, but they didn’t.

Meantime, I installed all available sleep/hibernate problems Vista updates and also did many checks by installing Vista from Dell Reinstallation DVD, nothing worked.

So again I called them up and asked the same and they told that it is only me who is having this problem and no one has reported problems with this laptop running Vista. I told them again that the problem is there from the day Laptop was shipped to me. After a long discussion (please note, not argument 😀 ), they told, they would send a person down with a new video card (of the same model) to replace it as I was telling them its a Video Card problem. The process would be,

1) Wipe out the whole hard drive
2) Install Vista from Dell Reinstallation DVD
3) Check for sleep/hibernate
4) If it doesnt work, replace the Graphics Card
5) Repeat process 1 -3
6) Even then not working, they will try for the next step , which they haven’t told me what it is.

Today, a person from Unisys called me and told he is ready to come over to my place to check for the problem and replace my video card. He tried himself putting the laptop to sleep.Also I had done a fresh installation of Dell’s Vista Business to confirm that the sleep problem exists in that too and not only in my Ultimate. He being convinced went ahead and changed my Video Card. I was really surprised to see that this particular model had a separate slot for video card which was quite good!

Voila, after changing the card, everything worked! Power Management in Vista works like a charm now!

Dell, please remember this – Think twice before you put the blame on Vista!

But I do have to appreciate Dell in the way they dealt with this matter and also respected me at the last and accepted to send a person to replace my video card 🙂

Vista Power Management rocks !




3 responses

1 12 2007
Michael Fiala

my problem – no video on wake up

1 12 2007

Michael, is your system Dell ? Have you contacted them? Did they check the video card?

3 09 2008

Glad you got it fixed. My current problem with a Lenovo running XP is that it will hibernate TWICE every time. So when I wake it up, it will show the account log on screen for a moment, then automatically hibernate again. But it always starts on the second try. Only an annoyance, but I’m going to try replacing the video card.

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