WCF debugging in Visual Studio 2008

6 11 2007


This is one of the great pain relief if you ever wondered how would you debug WCF Service using Visual Studio šŸ˜‰

Visual Studio 2008 allows you to debug WCF Services by exposing the service in the local ASP.NET development server!

Here is an excellent screencast on Debugging WCF using VS 2008 by Darryl

As I had told in my earlier post, that I would be moving my WCF Service from VS 2005 to VS 2008 and since I use VS 2008 now, am able to debug my service locally as well as hosting it via my local IIS 7. I have moved my debugging to IIS 7 from local ASP.NET development server.

Below is screenshot of everything in place šŸ˜€


VS 2008 rocks ! Cant wait for the final release as Visual Studio 2008 Get it’s date šŸ˜‰




4 responses

8 02 2008

Thanks for the information. Can you please send more information about how to do debugging of WCF service in VS2005?

8 02 2008

@Abhijeet, this is a new feature added to Visual Studio 2008 and its not possible with Visual Studio 2005

10 02 2010

Ohh, thanks for posting a dead link!

15 11 2011

Your example is confusing. You have added ‘CalculatorServiceProxy’ but in your solution explorer the one displayed is CalculatorServiceClient’.

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