What should I do ?

13 11 2007


Many Linux articles today, we see have started bashing Microsoft and Microsoft products and the Linux User base in the forums are also anti-microsoft and don’t entertain people who use Microsoft and Microsoft products.

So, I think now the time has come for me to move away from these Linux “anti-microsoft” fanboys and not to bother these “anti-microsoft” fanboys in their forums. I would rather use Linux and discuss with my friends than with the “anti-microsoft” User base.

winvista-button_rgb.jpgBy the way, Windows (Vista) is my Main operating system and I work in Microsoft Technologies and love them a lot. I am also a full time Microsoft Developer. No doubt in that. It doesn’t mean I should move to Linux! (please,its not Open Source, its Linux)

Anways, my Comments section is open to you all. Feel free to pass on your comments.




3 responses

14 11 2007
David Xie

I mainly use Vista but also enjoys using Mac OS X and Linux. I think its always an good idea to keep an open mind; there are good and bad things in other OS, so why limit ourselves to just seeing the good things in one OS and forget about the advantages that other OSs have?

21 11 2007
Andrew Betts

Leave them behind Chaks.

As Rob Enderle says: There’s an awful lot of Linux nuts out there, and they do Linux no favours.

5 12 2007

Absolutely – I think there’s far to many anti- people on both sides of the fence and they do neither side any good.

Best to have the best solution to the problem than choose a solution solely on it’s vendor or source.

That’s how I see it anyways (and I’m a Windows Sysadmin who has chosen to use linux for the last 6 years). Co-existence (and choice) are wonderful things.

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