Visual Studio 2008 is now RTM

19 11 2007


As promised by Microsoft to release Visual Studio this month (November), Visual Studio is now to RTM (Released to Manufacturing) 🙂

If you have MSDN subscription, you can download Visual Studio 2008 via your downloads section

And if you don’t have MSDN, yet you would like to see whats this fuzz about, you can download the Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2008 Editions here




3 responses

20 11 2007
David Xie

cool 😀

20 11 2007
Andrew Betts

I’ll certainly enjoy trying it out one day.

Visual Studio is, and has long been, in my mind, one of the best software products ever made; if not the the best.

20 11 2007
Andrew Betts

Here’s a guy talking about how much he likes VS 2008 Express. (And how bad programming on Linux is.)

I always thought that VS was probably the best development tool. But I stopped using it since moving to Linux. Now after doing a little bit programming on it, it reminded me how nice and easy it is to program with Visual Studios.

Moving back to Windows for development

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