Neat Ctrl+Tab replacement in Visual Studio 2008

26 11 2007


If you want to navigate to different tabs(files) opened or previous tab opened inside Visual Studio, we use Ctrl+Tab, similar to Alt+Tab from our Windows Desktop.

This feature has been refined and made to look really good in Visual Studio 2008 😀

It now shows previews too 😉

Below is a screenshot,



Make Expression Blend work with Visual Studio 2008

26 11 2007

vs08_v_rgb_web.jpg expression_blend.jpg

As I reinstalled my system, I had to reinstall Microsoft Expression Blend too. As expected it didn’t save all the projects in Visual Studio 2008 format and had to use the same old BlendConfigurator tool to configure for Visual Studio 2008. The tool was built for Expression Blend to work with “Orcas” releases and it works for RTMs too 😉


After discussing this with Daniel, it is advised to install Expression Blend Service Pack 1 and not to use BlendConfigurator as mentioned above in my post 🙂