ObjectDock Flyout Menus

2 12 2007

If you feel so bad that you don’t have Apple Mac Dock for your Windows PC, then Stardock’s ObjectDock is your answer 🙂

Its a good add-on for Vista. There is a free as well as Plus! (which is shareware) version. The ObjectDock Plus has many features than the free one and the best one is the Flyout Menus which is similar to Apple’s Stack

I was using the free version for long time and I bought the ObjectDock Plus today and here is my Flyout Menu


The animations in the Flyout Menu is great and doesn’t eat much memory too. Thats one of the reason I like ObjectDock most. They don’t eat memory more and you can configure the way ObjectDock want to use the memory

Most of the things what you see is customizable

Another application I like from Stardock is LogonStudioVista which allows to customize the Vista logon screen. There is also an XP version available. It has even caught the attention of Windows Vista team!




4 responses

1 03 2009

How can I do to put like that the ObjectDock?????

9 03 2009

where can i find dock with fly out menu
i have rocket dock
please help……….

21 07 2011

its called stacks i believe but can be difficult to get on to your rocketdock if unfamiliar with windows

18 03 2009

hey my pdf files appear black on the flyout menu even when i run objectdock as admin.can anyone help me please?
if u don’t understand please check this picture link

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