Vista SP1 RC – Running good

7 12 2007


Vista SP1 RC was released few days back to beta testers and soon by next week it will be available to public too for download.

I have been using/testing Vista SP1 from their Beta releases and Its really good. The performance, speed seems to be really improved. You can feel the speed difference when you use applications, more applications being opened.

ComputerWorld has a good review on Vista SP1 RC

And this time Service Pack is not about new GUI or features like in XP Service Pack 2 and its more on reliability, performance and speed. Sure you can expect a good speed increase after installing SP1 for Vista. And there is also good improvement in copying files over network.

There are many articles which may just claim Vista is bad, not good for computing (especially our *other* friends) but if you just ignore them and really get the right machine and use Vista, its a treat! Well, sure there were certain things that went wrong with Vista, but yes, it has come through a rough path and Microsoft did release several updates to Vista which has made it good.

Let me tell you my own example – I am using Vista for at least an year now and haven’t used Flip3d much. Sometimes I even forget that was an feature introduced in Vista! This week I bought a Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 . It has 5 buttons which can be configured and my middle button gets me Flip3d and now, I use it so frequently because its at my reach! I am really impressed with this feature only now, lol.




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