Vista SP1 RC – IE and other native applications getting reset to defaults

8 12 2007


UPDATE: This has been fixed, infact the Beta team was not able to reproduce too!

This is bothering many – After installing Vista SP1 RC, some or most of the IE settings and Windows Media Player settings are reset to defaults. Users have reported on IE and Windows Media Player, hope the list stays to these both 😉

Here are mine,

1) IE settings such as Security Settings and Addon got reset and my Flash, Quicktime and Kaspersky Internet Security Web Statistics plugins stopped working and had to reinstall them to see them working (didnt reinstall Kaspersky though)

2) My default DVD/CD player got changed to Windows Media Player

For some, the whole IE settings including Home Page, Favorites got reset. And you can add Java plugin to the plugins list as for some Java plugin stopped working too.

We beta testers have passed the information to Vista SP1 team, hope it will be corrected in the final version 🙂




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26 10 2010
Candy Paint :

CD Players are nice but today we have DVD players and Blu-ray players that are even nicer *`:

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