Integrating Microsoft Student Partners and .NET User Groups

12 12 2007

New Zealand is well known for its excellent .NET User Groups. And there are lot of activities going with the user groups especially in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Down here in Dunedin, though the frequency of sessions is not regular, we do have/had good and exciting sessions.

The only thing I saw missing was involvement of Microsoft Student Partners. Yes, each University in New Zealand have Microsoft Student Partners and Microsoft Student Champions promoting, learning and supporting Microsoft Technologies. To be more clear, its not an advertising campaign by the Students, but a great opportunity for Students to get to know more about Microsoft Technologies and also have a good interaction with the local Microsoft Community.

So I discussed this with my Academic Advisor Ryan Tarak and also with Darryl along with Dunedin .NET User Group organizers – Beric and Nathan. The main point was, we Student Partners take regular sessions in the Universities on latest Microsoft Technologies, so why don’t we make this as regular .NET User Group sessions and involve students too. This was not happening, rather, the user group sessions where mostly people from local industrial people and enthusiasts.

Darryl, Beric and Nathan gave us the opportunity to merge Microsoft Student Partners and Dunedin .NET User Group and now we could see more participation of students in sessions. And the presence of industrial people boosts students to meet them, discuss regarding current trends, job opportunities etc.,,

This has been one of my goals after being elected as Microsoft Student Partner and am happy that I was able to do it along with other Microsoft Student Champions here. I also highly encourage MSPs in other cities to interact with their local .NET User Group and see what can be done.




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16 12 2007

Good idea. Thought we were going to see this happen sometime early next year. Good to see you being ahead of the pack!

27 01 2008
Yugan Yugaraja

Yea, I think its a great idea too. The only barrier I see is MSPs finding the time to attend the .NET User Group sessions. I’m going to try to attend a few sessions this year, and I’m going to encourage the other MSPs in Christchurch to attend too.

Another idea is to have ‘.NET Student User Groups’ for each City/University. This would also encourage Imagine Cup teams to share ideas and learn off each other too.

Here’s the trackback entry:!EF263EE4E0F7B984!185.entry

27 01 2008

Hi Yugan,

Thanks for the comments. Actually every city in NZ has .Net User Group. I have also attended .Net User Group meet in Christchurch. It is way more better than here in Dunedin. 🙂

I would say that the Students should be the main connection to Universities for the .Net User Groups and that can be done by us MSPs. We do conduct lot of sessions, but if we collaborate those with .Net User Group, I am sure there will be a big change.

Of course everyone are busy, but I am sure we can make ourselves free for attending/taking sessions 😉

For Christchurch .Net User Group, Visit here

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