3 01 2008

Say we have a class,

public class Student
    private String name;
    private string course;

    public string Name

        get { return name; }
        set { name = value; }


    public string Course

        get { return course; }
        set { course = value; }


    public Student(string name, string course)
    { = name; 
        this.course = course;



List<Student> list = new List<Student>()
    new Student("a","course"),
    new Student("b","course1"),
    new Student("c","course2"),
    new Student("d","course3"),
    new Student("e","course4")

To use LINQ,

IQueryable<Student> StudentEntity = list.AsQueryable<Student>();

string studentName = (from s in StudentEntity
                      where s.Course == "course1"
                      select s).First().Name;

Console.WriteLine("Studnet Name : {0}", studentName);

The catch is that we convert the generic list to IQueryable<T> type which enables us to query against objects 🙂




One response

27 03 2013

Hi I have fallowing xelement

i want to retrive inner conetent of Sap how can i retrive the o/p as xlement?

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