Instant Viewer with Microsoft Presenter 8000 Mouse rocks!

2 02 2008

Everyone likes the Apple Mac’s Expose feature and wondered why Vista didn’t bring it on along with Windows Flip 3D 😀

Well, today I found a function with my Microsoft Notebook Presenter 8000 Mouse that there is a function called Instant Viewer that does the same thing and you can bind any one of the mouse buttons to it (Thanks to David 😉 )! It works great and looks great! Wonder why this isn’t present by default in Windows Vista 😦

Here is a screenshot,

(Click for full view)





3 responses

2 02 2008
David Xie

Maybe we have to pay more (for the mouse) to get the top experience with Vista 😉

13 04 2008

This is my favorite toy now! Lovin’ it, especially Instant viewer & the magnifier.

13 09 2008

Would you happen to know which program is being run when Instant Viewer is launched? Knowing the exact program that windows runs to give this function will help me map it to a different hotkey like ALT-F1


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