When will these Linux users change?

26 02 2008

My last post was an interview with Paul Lo of Microsoft New Zealand regarding the DreamSpark initiative

And one Linux user in Geekzone came up even bashing that (so sad for these users, as that seems to be their primary job!)

I wouldn’t mind speaking back, but I am not a Linux user 😉

One of my friend came up with an excellent reply,

hmm… i don’t understand why these linux users make such statements…”if they give something for free it is a good sign and is for the benefit of people and technology and if microsoft gives something for free it is business…..” i suggest them to stop making these crazy comments. they are advised to change their strategies else some day they will have to face the music…look at things positively and come out of the notion that ..only they are correct and others are fools…you can understand the magic that dream spark is going to do …better stop speaking ill about the products and strategies of others to show that you are better. this will not help you long and if you really wish to sustain have the true spirit…..do remember microsoft rocks….!

Enough said 8)


More comments,

…about the person who “rewrote” the interview, isn’t he/she aware that microsoft is actually opening its door for FOSS developers so that the programs they make are compatible to each other? he/she must be ignorant enough for him/her to blurt out things like that without doing his/her research.

…they are degrading the very principles of Linux and then the their motto is gone….well people may be passionate about things but should be able to accept any good proposals. they should keep their nerve while making such comments because there are many people across the globe watching them…they should learn to respect the sentiments and efforts of them….!

..Exactly, most people thing F in FOSS is the free price tag and not the freedom. Consequently we have these uneducated badmouthing about other companies like MS. The real supporters of FOSS will never badmouth another company.


I am not telling all Linux users are like this, but these *group of users* bring shame to Linux Community according to me!



5 responses

27 02 2008
David Xie

I like the comment 🙂

3 03 2008


Yes, so I was the one making these terrible comments, which brought shame to the Linux community, the one is all clueless and all.


I have posted a response in the comment section of the original article: http://www.geekzone.co.nz/foobar/4627

3 03 2008


I don’t understand why some of the FOSS (non-profit group) people curse business giants. I always see FOSS as non-profit, people related group and they have full freedom to do anything independent.

Chaks, I guess foobar just want to make a geek’s joke and its nothing serious.. Its an obvious human nature..

6 03 2008

Also of interest may be this here: http://www.geekzone.co.nz/foobar/4674

24 03 2008

well done, bro

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