What’s new with IE 8 Beta 1

6 03 2008


There are many posts now in the Internet explaining the new features in IE 8 Beta 1 and here is mine too 🙂

First and foremost, I found a small change in the Toolbar. Its bit bigger and spacious (and nicer???) than in IE 7


The Search Provider tab now shows the Search Provider Icon 🙂


Determine Link Manipulation Phishing Attacks


Now, everyone would have heard that IE 8 is built by keeping the Web Standards in mind and supports Web Standards by default. So whichever website you visit, if they are not Web Standards compliant, you may find difficulties to view it. But not to panic, there is always an Emulate IE 7 in the Toolbar for you to switch back to IE 7 mode 🙂


There is a nice Developer Tool which is very useful if you want to look the CSS Styles, HTML and Scripts in the particular page you are viewing.


This tool has a good feature which helps you to view the site in three different standards mode


So, here is an example. The first website (I visited) to create problems with IE 8 was the Microsoft Student Partner Forums Portal (accessible only to Microsoft Student Partners) where the Profile Picture and Name were totally misplaced. The arrows in the below picture shows the correct position.


And then I changed the Compatibility Mode to Internet Explorer 7 and it rendered it properly 8) (No restart of IE required!)


There is a new feature called Activities added to IE 8. This helps you to interact with third party services like Digg, Amazon or FaceBook etc.


You can highlight a portion of text or word or sentence or the webpage and right click to see what options you have as shown in the above picture

There is a nice small icon popping up once you highlight something 🙂


And clicking the icon will give you the Activities possible

WebSlices is also a new feature in IE 8. This seems to be a RSS Preview Reader, like something you keep in your Vista SideBar. So, you have to subscribe to WebSlice. When a page has an option of WebSlice, you get the highlight in the RSS Icon in the Toolbar


The Blue Icon in the above picture tells that there is a WebSlice feed available for subscription. And once you subscribe, it comes in your Toolbar


You can learn more about WebSlices here

All said, let us see whether IE 8 Beta 1 passes ACID2 Test


Hmm…something is wrong here 😦 !

UPDATE: Read here to find out whats going wrong with Acid2 Test 8)

Apart from IE 8, don’t forget to check the new MSN Toolbar Beta 😉





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22 03 2008
João PInto

Great explanation!!!! Really good job!

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