Windows Server 2008 is my Desktop Workstation

27 07 2008

After hearing lots of good stuffs about this new SERVER product from Microsoft called Windows Server 2008, I took the decision to move from Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition 🙂

The good thing is, Windows Server 2008 can be configured as a fully featured desktop workstation. Your one stop guide for completing this ‘awesome’ task is here

Below is my laptop configuration:

1) Apple Macbook 2.4 GHz

2) 4 GB RAM

I have Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x86 Edition installed

Below is the list of software installed:

1) Apple Bootcamp

2) Microsoft Office 2007

3) Microsoft Visio 2007

4) Mozilla Firefox

5) Skype

6) Apple Quicktime

7) Apple iTunes

8 ) Windows Live

  • Live Writer
  • Live Messenger
  • Live Photo Gallery

9) Foxit PDF Reader

10) Flashget Download Manager

11) Virtual PC

12) Kaspersky Internet Security

13) tWhirl

14) Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1

This server is Fast, Sleek, and Customizable (in Features and Roles). That’s a huge benefit over Vista where many services get started no matter you use them.

I have also moved my development stuffs to a virtual environment now and virtual machines run quite fast than in Vista here. Yes, I am quite happy with Virtual PC 2007 and I don’t think I would install x64 version just for Hyper-V. The application support for x64 sucks!

Everything works good in my setup including sleep,shutdown and hibernate 🙂

So far, my experience of having Windows Server 2008 as my main desktop workstation is good and I think I will continue to stay on this for a long, long time until Windows 7 comes out 8)




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27 07 2008

So the reason you are not having x64 bit is application support for x64 bit? Looking through your list of software you have installed, I’m sure most of them will have a 32 bit compatible mode to run on a 64 bit…

The main reason I have 64 bit on my machine is, I can fully utilise the full 4 GB on board and 32 bit can only address about 3.5?

Question for you, I don’t seem to be able to embed a skydrive iframe embed in wordpress html editor… the one that displays a nice little skydrive image with the link… have you tried it before?

28 07 2008

@Sun: Main reason for me to avoid 64 bit is Apple 64 bit Bootcamp support for my Macbook. They are not ‘officially’ supported for Macbook. I did try it out and it wasn’t good.

Our free wordpress blogs dont allow javascript and thus we wont be able to embed or iframe anything. Instead you could put the skydrive picture and link to your file for download 🙂

28 07 2008

@Sun: And yea, my Windows Server x86 installation shows 4GB RAM in System Properties 🙂 (maybe its becoz of Apple Hardware 😉 )

1 08 2008

What you don’t mention is the fact that after 240 days you’re out of an activated OS, with all the consequences that go with that.

1 08 2008

@Meow: My Windows Server 2008 is already activated. I usually dont use OS in grace period or trial periods unless and otherwise they are for testing purposes.

20 11 2008
tom volscho

i got mine from university via dream spark, and they give you a key you can activate

28 03 2011

Gracias, me ayudo mucho, existos con tu blog.

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