Znet India – PITA and Worst Hosting Provider

7 04 2009

I know I dont update this blog, but since its regarding my hosting provider where I have hosted my blog and since I fear it can be deleted anytime, I am updating here too so that people get to know and be aware of hosting providers like Znet India!

So I have this other website – www.usingwindows7.net – which I manage and I was really hoping to get my friends and others join me via forums too – www.usingwindows7.net/forum – But now the site is pulled down because of the many inconveniences caused by the hosting provider – Znet India

It all started with this error message


Here is the conversation that has been happening part by part – I think they would explain more than me writing it – Note the time they have taken to respond for each reply



The attachment is what you see at the start of this blog post


Below is the using.jpg they have attached


Now that is strange because my site is up and running for the past 1 month and suddenly WordPress giving an error establishing database connection? and also wp-config.php is what I would have configured initially when setting up my WordPress website. The technical team instantly suggest me to check the settings of wp-config.php, but the real drama begins only now


It happens that the technical team had completely moved my files and brought in a fresh WordPress installation files and thus you see the error establishing database connection. I did check my directories and they indeed had moved my files as my forum was not accessible – My forums were installed in a directory just under the WordPress directory and so the URL – http://www.usingwindows7.net/forum


I never told these guys to move my files – what sort of a plan is that to identify the issue? – Moving files from the live website! If you calculate the time taken till now by these support people, its more than 15hrs – the issue started off with this


And ended up moving my files from my website!


I also raised a separate ticket for refund due to this and they merged that refund request along with this support ticket, again without intimating me and I was left searching the ticket system to find the ticket as I didn’t knew they had merged!

So, they don’t delete files without client’s permission but they move client’s files around? Great! Do these guys need to be educated that moving is essentially deleting as the site wont be accessible in both the cases!

Taking Backup is their necessity, but not moving files!


And that was my reply. And what did they reply? – You will find it very interesting


Again, they continue blaming me that my database settings is wrong – I had configured WordPress with MySql database, but the technical team are too smart to suggest me a SQL Server address – sql5.znetindia.com – aren’t these support guys great? 😉


Now they get smart enough to find that I was connecting to MySql and tell me about my database details! What a joke! As if I don’t know any of these things! And they did manage to do something to make www.usingwindows7.net site up but they failed again with forums – www.usingwindows7.net/forum


I cant continue when the support is like this! Just calculate the site downtime and the time taken to respond to issues! What sort of a support is this! And Znet India website says,


I would be more than happy to approach anyone from Microsoft regarding this and how these people can be awarded by Microsoft!

And this is not the first issue I am dealing with them in regard to www.usingwindows7.net which is a WordPress website installed in Windows Server 2008 + IIS 7 – the site was down many times and it was indeed PHP settings which was not configured properly and permission issues!

I did ask for refund and currently I am literally ‘fighting’ with them by making ISD calls (from NZ) regarding this issue – Do you want to see their reply? Why not 🙂


How bad is that! Blaming the client for everything as if I wanted to make my site down!

I am just getting irritated of not getting no replies and these people just want me to live with it and move on which in first place is unacceptable after this act! Here is the reply I initially got for my refund


Great! Will every client face all the issues within his 30 day money back guarantee? What a lame excuse to steal money from clients!

So, what’s happening now? – Silence – I called them yesterday to speak to Mr.Vinod Saxena and as expected I got a reply saying ‘he is not available right now’

Hosting providers like Znet India think they can do whatever they want with client’s files and play with time and my experience is just an example of this act. I wouldn’t recommend Znet India to anyone and also I am expecting them to apologize to me and refund my rest of the money. But still, nobody cares about this at Znet India!

I am also planning to move to another hosting provider here in New Zealand. They are pretty cool here, unlike Znet India! But what about the money that I paid for my hosting/domains at Znet India? Why aren’t they ready to refund?

Please share this with your friends so that they also get to know about Znet India’s technical expertise!



18 responses

26 05 2009

znetindia support is really horrible – sometimes i find it strange – who hired these guys who do not understand english, leave alone technical questions

30 09 2009

Thanks a lot. I was searching for best hosting providers in India and Znet came up top in the google search results. I found the plans are better than my current hosting provider Net4 and I was thinking to register for a plan. But luckily I found your blog and I got really scared reading your experience. Thanks for posting the blog. Now I know how technically perfect are these support guys at Znet. Will do business with them some other time.

29 10 2009

Really atrocious behavior from them. Its it good to see you posting this issue to create awareness among others.


6 01 2010
Web Host

Its really bad even it happen with a site having only one page..

they must be having your site backup…if they don’t they must pay your for your data…

11 01 2010
online stock trading advice

I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

I’m Out! 🙂

16 01 2010

Hi !!
Thanks for your Blog.
I was going to buy a Web Hosting Plan with ZNet India, but will not now because after seeing your horrible experience.

Thanks a lot for your Blog

10 02 2010
Tarun Chaudhry


I really had a horrible time. I was 6 years with them. And in the last 3 months the things really were bad. They have over 300 domains on single server. Ther servers are regularly down and not reachable. Support is non-existent and as correctly described above – arrogant and ignorant.
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THESE CLOWNS. Almost a personal appeal.

BTW I tried limedomains.com and they are just awesome. I am not their rep or something but I am just happy and want to give them a thumbs up.

10 02 2010

Almost forgot –
ZNET stops talking to you if you ask about refunds. So after they have taken money in advance and they stop delivering, forget about the money. They dont care. I guess thier bigger clients are enough for them.
SO DO NOT HOST sharing with them.

Contact me for anything your may want…


28 02 2010

Too late for me 😦
I hosted two domains with them and now i am suffering because of their poor service.

Now i have read your blog and many other bad reviews about znetindia across the internet..

i will also suggest the readers not to use znetindia.

10 03 2010
MacKenzie Brown

APLUS.NET Puts ZNET Down for the Count!

I simply registered a domain using their domain plus service because of the free URL and e-mail forwarding (Big mistake). After I registered I waited for my registration confirmation e-mail and yes I did receive it 1 hour later. After that I went in and tried to figure out how to setup my URL forwarding and their website was so poorly laid out it took me about 30 minutes to find the form. I filled it in and it said it would take up to 3 hours to process so I waited a day just to be safe. Well a day later,nothing. 2 days later, nothing. Then I decided to e-mail them, no repsonse after a week. I e-mailed them again, no response after a week. This continued for another 13 e-mails with no repsonse. Suddenly one day I get a reply from them, BUT it was to inform me that I couldn’t take advantage of the free URL or E-mail forwarding because I did not register for it within 20 minutes of registering the domain! At that point I said forget it, I had already wasted $20 and decided to accept my losses and move on. I found a totally free URL and E-mail forwarding service called MyDomain.com and I reccomend them to everyone now, no banners or ads. YOu know whats really sad after all this? MyDomain.com, the company that wasn’t making any money from me responded to my e-mails within 2 hours and were more helpful than the horrible support of Aplus.net. Avoid! Beware!

11 06 2010

Sorry to hear about your experience. This is helpful for hosters who either look out for cheap services or run after big names.. evaluating before you host is a key. I appreciate you shared your thoughts. keep up.

25 06 2010

Well, what more do you expect from Indian sweat shops.
I bet the poor Customer reps are getting paid peanuts and made to work like slaves.
I will not touch a Indian supplier with a barge pole.

7 09 2010

Well, my comments are totally opposite from all the above posted on this page. I am quite happy with the services of Znet India. Their technical team doesn’t talks with me in a technical language but in a language which I can understand. I think you have to try their services once again. Mistakes do happen with human beings and I think Znet has improved alot. I find them perfect and superb 🙂

6 04 2011
ravi kumar

I am cheated by znetindia.com …the worst worst worst worst hosting company in the world…Very bad…Stay away of it…its better to go with goddady, web4duniya and anyone else…their support stopped talking their call center people are so mean…STAY AWAY!!! from it…its tooo BAD!!! BELIEVE ME!!!STAY AWAY!!!

Znetindia.com is fraud company.

24 09 2011

i had a terrible experience with znet india too. bought email service from them and it couldn’t even sync with outlook. when i asked their customer care, they simply suggested using another client. fortunately i got a refund and now i am with Net4.

27 10 2011

Awful Web Hosting Znetindia !! its really true. Sever has repeatedly down. Now I cant access my c-panel and web url. funny znetindia !!

24 02 2012
Bharat Kumar Gupta

dear writer contact me, znetlive executive literally abused me on phone using such a cheap language i cannot even repeat here, i have blogger about this in my blog too, with all the proofs, and when presented the same they aren’t even apologizing or refunding, leave refunding money they are not even returning my emails.

my blog detailing all the abuses rendered on to me : bkgcom.blogspot.com

connect with me we shud really take this company up in arms, these guys are just playing fool of everybody

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