How to Remove Linux and Install Windows – The Microsoft Way !

9 08 2007

I found an interesting article by Microsoft Support on How to Remove Linux and Install Windows 😀

Have  a read here 🙂


The Freespire Dictatorship Rules at Freespire/Linspire Forums

8 08 2007

I am sure many would come out saying that I have violated by invoking the Godwin’s Law. The problem is, if you really see dictatorship prevailing, what would you call it ? You cant substitute another word for it.

So whats all this about ?

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Linspire CEO Mr.Kevin Carmony resigns

6 08 2007

Its been ups and downs for Linspire for the past one year and now the worse has come out. Linspire CEO – Kevin Carmony has resigned from Linspire on July 31st, 2007. More news here
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Upgrading from one version to another in Linux

2 08 2007

In Linux World, whenever a new release comes out, many, almost everyone end up installing it as a fresh copy in their machine. Though Users are provided with an Upgrade option it doesn’t work out too good. Heck, it works good for Windows Upgrade when one has to upgrade from ME to XP or XP to Vista or from any Vista edition to other Editions (like Business to Ultimate)

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What does Linspire do ?

19 07 2007

Here is a diagram by me which depicts what Linspire does 🙂

(Click to enlarge)

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Linspire 6.0 released !

12 07 2007

After a long wait Kevin informed us the Release in the forums :),

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Linspire does remember their old CNR Gold Customers :)

9 07 2007

As to my previous post, where Linspire announced that the current CNR Gold Members would not be able to upgrade to Linspire 6, there was a big confusion going on in their forums and also it looked like Linspire betrayed their exisinting CNR Gold customers. Today Kevin, CEO of Linspire, announced in the forums that,

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