Instant Viewer with Microsoft Presenter 8000 Mouse rocks!

2 02 2008

Everyone likes the Apple Mac’s Expose feature and wondered why Vista didn’t bring it on along with Windows Flip 3D 😀

Well, today I found a function with my Microsoft Notebook Presenter 8000 Mouse that there is a function called Instant Viewer that does the same thing and you can bind any one of the mouse buttons to it (Thanks to David 😉 )! It works great and looks great! Wonder why this isn’t present by default in Windows Vista 😦

Here is a screenshot,

(Click for full view)




15 01 2008

UPDATE: At first MBA looked so cool and I have to really say that the Apple Marketing gets thumbs up for this. But later discussing this with many of my friends, none of them are calling it as another great product from Apple. Many have told me that they expected the features available in MBA such as Multi touch Trackpad in MacBook Pros

Here is the discussion at Geekzone and here is a good read on Top 10 things that went wrong with MBA

And one more shocking news is that MBA is not the thinnest laptop when compared to Fujitsu LifeBook Q2010!


MBA is not the acronym of Masters in Business Applications, but…


More here 🙂

This is the coolest product I have ever seen and it is $1799 (US)!