13 07 2008

Its really hard to summarize what is NDepend in few words as this tool does a lot and its really useful when you have a big project and had to do code analysis, code usage, code metrics etc., etc., So, to make things simpler, lets take what their website says ๐Ÿ™‚

NDepend is a tool that simplifies managing a complex .NET code base. Architects and developers can analyze code structure, specify design rules, plan massive refactoring, do effective code reviews and master evolution by comparing different versions of the code.

With NDepend you can analyse a set of .NET assemblies and that was the first step for me in using NDepend. Another highlight of NDepend is that you can use Code Queries to query to analyse and get results. More on Code Query Language here.

Here is a small screencast on NDepend introduction from me. Its in .swf format and just open it in your browser ๐Ÿ™‚

Microsoft DevJam Session @ Otago

14 03 2008

Yesterday we had Microsoft DevJam 2008 at University Of Otago. It went pretty well and the turnaround was good. The session explored the possibilities with PopFly, Silverlight and XNA Gaming Model. We have got good feedback from Students and sure can do even more better next year with these feedbacks!

Thanks to all Students who participated and also for the feedback! 8)

You can checkout the event snaps here

Don’t forget to vote (and win prizes) your favorite NZ Imagine Cup 2008 Team ๐Ÿ˜‰

An update to TimePicker control in AvalonsControlLibrary

13 03 2008

I hope many use AvalonsControlLibrary in their WPF projects 8) , if not, do have a look! It has got really very useful WPF Controls – Thanks to Marlon ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I did a small update to the TimePicker control. I added another Property called CurrentlySelectedTime which can be used to get the current time in the TimePicker control in String of format h:m:s and also set the time by giving the time as a String in the format h:m:s

For example,

timePicker.CurrentlySelectedTime = “12:34:56”;



This addition totally came out of my personal need for my Project. So, I am not sure how far it would be useful for you ;). But, the logic is there in the source code now so that you could tame it to the format you want, may be add AM and PM and change to 12 hr format 8)

Marlon will soon update the updated source code at CodePlex, but until then you can download it here

Whatโ€™s new with IE 8 Beta 1

6 03 2008


There are many posts now in the Internet explaining the new features in IE 8 Beta 1 and here is mine too ๐Ÿ™‚

First and foremost, I found a small change in the Toolbar. Its bit bigger and spacious (and nicer???) than in IE 7


The Search Provider tab now shows the Search Provider Icon ๐Ÿ™‚


Determine Link Manipulation Phishing Attacks


Now, everyone would have heard that IE 8 is built by keeping the Web Standards in mind and supports Web Standards by default. So whichever website you visit, if they are not Web Standards compliant, you may find difficulties to view it. But not to panic, there is always an Emulate IE 7 in the Toolbar for you to switch back to IE 7 mode ๐Ÿ™‚


There is a nice Developer Tool which is very useful if you want to look the CSS Styles, HTML and Scripts in the particular page you are viewing.


This tool has a good feature which helps you to view the site in three different standards mode


So, here is an example. The first website (I visited) to create problems with IE 8 was the Microsoft Student Partner Forums Portal (accessible only to Microsoft Student Partners) where the Profile Picture and Name were totally misplaced. The arrows in the below picture shows the correct position.


And then I changed the Compatibility Mode to Internet Explorer 7 and it rendered it properly 8) (No restart of IE required!)


There is a new feature called Activities added to IE 8. This helps you to interact with third party services like Digg, Amazon or FaceBook etc.


You can highlight a portion of text or word or sentence or the webpage and right click to see what options you have as shown in the above picture

There is a nice small icon popping up once you highlight something ๐Ÿ™‚


And clicking the icon will give you the Activities possible

WebSlices is also a new feature in IE 8. This seems to be a RSS Preview Reader, like something you keep in your Vista SideBar. So, you have to subscribe to WebSlice. When a page has an option of WebSlice, you get the highlight in the RSS Icon in the Toolbar


The Blue Icon in the above picture tells that there is a WebSlice feed available for subscription. And once you subscribe, it comes in your Toolbar


You can learn more about WebSlices here

All said, let us see whether IE 8 Beta 1 passes ACID2 Test


Hmmโ€ฆsomething is wrong here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ !

UPDATE: Read here to find out whats going wrong with Acid2 Test 8)

Apart from IE 8, don’t forget to check the new MSN Toolbar Beta ๐Ÿ˜‰



29 02 2008


1) Want to tour the Universe?

2) Want to pick some Astronomer as your Guide?

3) Do you know your own way in the Universe and want to create a new Tour?

Then, don’t look further than the Microsoft Worldwide Telescope! This is truly amazing! 8)

You can watch a video tour of WWTelescope at Long’s blog.

Microsoft DreamSpark Explained

26 02 2008

I thought it would be best to ask Paul Lo from the Developer & Platform Strategy Group, Microsoft New Zealand, about the DreamSpark initiative.

You can read the full interview here


More goodies from Microsoft to Students! :)

19 02 2008

Bill Gates just announced something really very important for Students ๐Ÿ™‚

Microsoft DreamSpark enables students to download Microsoft developer and design tools at no charge.

Now, for the first time, Microsoft is giving its valuable software developer and design tools directly to students worldwide at no charge! This site enables students like you to download professional-level Microsoft developer and design tools to unlock your creative potential and set you on the path to academic and career success, by supporting and advancing your learning and skills through technical design, technology, math, science and engineering activities.

This is an excellent move though already we do have the MSDN Academic Alliance ๐Ÿ˜€

This is implemented in two phases, and, NZ and Australia is going to be in Second Phase.

So if you are a student, then be ready to rock 8)

Get to know more about DreamSpark here and interview with Bill Gates here

Summer Road Trip – @Dunedin

18 02 2008


Today, Microsoft Summer Road Trip, which is the Community Launch Wave for Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 was here at Dunedin ๐Ÿ™‚

The session was great and Chris, Jeremy & Beric gave a good worthful presentation on how you could do awesome stuff from Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 ๐Ÿ˜€

You can see what they built here

For snaps, go here ๐Ÿ™‚

For those who want to know more about these products, you could still attend Launch Wave 2008 and grab some really cool goodies like,

The Launch Wave 2008 promotional pack includes:

  • 1 x Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition with 1 virtualisation license RTM
  • 1 x Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite 90 day trial
  • 1 x SQL CTP 6 (Community Technology Preview) plus a SQL RTM (final version) voucher for SQL Standard 1 user

Attendees will also recieve:

  • A 40% discount voucher on a TechNET Plus Single User subscription
  • 1 x Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista DVD

Microsoft NZ Student Newsletters

12 02 2008

Wow, I found this at our Microsoft NZ Students’ Blog

From March 2008, Microsoft New Zealand will be including a Studentโ€™s section into both of our bi-weekly technical newsletters; TechNet Flash newsletter for IT Pros, and MSDN Flash newsletters for Developers. This section, dedicated to our Student community, will provide you will relevant information about new software and technologies, free downloads, and information about other students from around the world to give our New Zealand studentโ€™s a truly global perspective on the IT industry.ย  So register for these newsletters today!

This is really great! To subscribe, follow the above link 8)

One full day with Windows Server 2008

7 02 2008


So, its been one full day with Windows Server 2008 now and have configured,

1) Active Directory Services

a) Created a new Domain Forest
b) Added Domain Users
c) Joined Vista machines to the Domain(right now 1, but more to come)

2) Configured .NET Environment

a) Installed IIS 7 (IIS 7 looks really nice than in Vista!)
b) Installed the .NET Environment (both .NET 3.0 and 3.5)
[ .NET 3.5 – you have to download and install ]
c) Installed WCF
d) Hosted my WCF Service in IIS

Still to install,

a) SQL Server 2005
b) WSUS for Windows Server 2008
[I am not able to get WSUS for Windows Server 2008 RTM, If anybody have any clue about that, please do leave your comment]

UPDATE: WSUS 3.0 SP1 is now RTM and supports Windows Server 2008!

Here are Roles installed,

And Features installed,

Things are so easy with Windows Server 2008 8)

To know more about WSUS in Windows Server 2008, visit my post at Chaks’ Geekzone Corner

To know how to add Computers to your WSUS installation in Windows Server 2008, visit my post at Chaks’ Geekzone Corner