Microsoft DevJam Session @ Otago

14 03 2008

Yesterday we had Microsoft DevJam 2008 at University Of Otago. It went pretty well and the turnaround was good. The session explored the possibilities with PopFly, Silverlight and XNA Gaming Model. We have got good feedback from Students and sure can do even more better next year with these feedbacks!

Thanks to all Students who participated and also for the feedback! 8)

You can checkout the event snaps here

Don’t forget to vote (and win prizes) your favorite NZ Imagine Cup 2008 Team 😉

Microsoft DreamSpark Explained

26 02 2008

I thought it would be best to ask Paul Lo from the Developer & Platform Strategy Group, Microsoft New Zealand, about the DreamSpark initiative.

You can read the full interview here


Microsoft NZ Student Newsletters

12 02 2008

Wow, I found this at our Microsoft NZ Students’ Blog

From March 2008, Microsoft New Zealand will be including a Student’s section into both of our bi-weekly technical newsletters; TechNet Flash newsletter for IT Pros, and MSDN Flash newsletters for Developers. This section, dedicated to our Student community, will provide you will relevant information about new software and technologies, free downloads, and information about other students from around the world to give our New Zealand student’s a truly global perspective on the IT industry.  So register for these newsletters today!

This is really great! To subscribe, follow the above link 8)

Imagine Cup 2008

28 01 2008


Looking to show out your talent? How far you can do wonders with Software and Technology? Then Imagine Cup should be in your list 🙂

If you are in University Of Otago and want to participate in this year’s Imagine Cup, please email me and I am happy to assist you.

I do have a Project in mind for Software Design competition and looking to form a team. You can read more about Software Design here. So please do email me if you want to jump in 8)

Before you leave, here is the theme for Imagine Cup 2008,

“Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment.”

Microsoft Student Partners 2008 – University Of Otago

28 01 2008

Ok, Here are the Microsoft Student Partners 2008 for University Of Otago 🙂




Integrating Microsoft Student Partners and .NET User Groups

12 12 2007

New Zealand is well known for its excellent .NET User Groups. And there are lot of activities going with the user groups especially in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Down here in Dunedin, though the frequency of sessions is not regular, we do have/had good and exciting sessions.

The only thing I saw missing was involvement of Microsoft Student Partners. Yes, each University in New Zealand have Microsoft Student Partners and Microsoft Student Champions promoting, learning and supporting Microsoft Technologies. To be more clear, its not an advertising campaign by the Students, but a great opportunity for Students to get to know more about Microsoft Technologies and also have a good interaction with the local Microsoft Community.

So I discussed this with my Academic Advisor Ryan Tarak and also with Darryl along with Dunedin .NET User Group organizers – Beric and Nathan. The main point was, we Student Partners take regular sessions in the Universities on latest Microsoft Technologies, so why don’t we make this as regular .NET User Group sessions and involve students too. This was not happening, rather, the user group sessions where mostly people from local industrial people and enthusiasts.

Darryl, Beric and Nathan gave us the opportunity to merge Microsoft Student Partners and Dunedin .NET User Group and now we could see more participation of students in sessions. And the presence of industrial people boosts students to meet them, discuss regarding current trends, job opportunities etc.,,

This has been one of my goals after being elected as Microsoft Student Partner and am happy that I was able to do it along with other Microsoft Student Champions here. I also highly encourage MSPs in other cities to interact with their local .NET User Group and see what can be done.