Get to know more about Visual Studio 2008

24 11 2007


When I started to interact with my friends about Visual Studio 2008, there were several questions raised by them, like,

1) Will it work in Vista ?

2) Is it not better to wait for a Vista patch like Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 ?

3) Well, do you really think it will support .NET 2.0 and 3.0 ?

4) Will my Visual Studio 2005 solutions work in Visual Studio 2008 ?

I have answers for these but it would be better to read through Daniel Moth’s blog for more information about Visual Studio 2008 and particularly these

I would also highly recommend to download the Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 Training Kit by Microsoft


My Development Environment

22 11 2007

winvista-button_rgb.jpg vs08_v_rgb_web.jpg ms_net_rgb_web.jpg
After a long time, I re-installed Vista in my laptop and did some changes to partition. The re-install was due to the lack of fair amount of space in my Windows partition. Being a developer, you need to have good amount of free space in the Windows partition to work on. With the release of Visual Studio 2008 and also for going to be released soon Vista SP1, I thought this is the right time to make my machine ready 😉

So – What have I installed now ?

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LINQ to SQL Beta 2 to RTM Changes

22 11 2007


I was totally shocked to see when my solution which I had built using Orcas Beta 2 threw errors when compiled in VS 2008 RTM!

Exploring a bit, I found that the errors generated were related to my LINQ-to-SQL classes.

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Visual Studio 2008 is now RTM

19 11 2007


As promised by Microsoft to release Visual Studio this month (November), Visual Studio is now to RTM (Released to Manufacturing) 🙂

If you have MSDN subscription, you can download Visual Studio 2008 via your downloads section

And if you don’t have MSDN, yet you would like to see whats this fuzz about, you can download the Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2008 Editions here

WCF debugging in Visual Studio 2008

6 11 2007


This is one of the great pain relief if you ever wondered how would you debug WCF Service using Visual Studio 😉

Visual Studio 2008 allows you to debug WCF Services by exposing the service in the local ASP.NET development server!

Here is an excellent screencast on Debugging WCF using VS 2008 by Darryl

As I had told in my earlier post, that I would be moving my WCF Service from VS 2005 to VS 2008 and since I use VS 2008 now, am able to debug my service locally as well as hosting it via my local IIS 7. I have moved my debugging to IIS 7 from local ASP.NET development server.

Below is screenshot of everything in place 😀


VS 2008 rocks ! Cant wait for the final release as Visual Studio 2008 Get it’s date 😉

LINQ to SQL video tutorials

6 11 2007

vs08_v_rgb_web.jpgSurfing around the web I found good video tutorials on LINQ to SQL by Mike Taulty of Microsoft

You can download them from here