This is really awesome – The Best movie for now – CloverField

21 01 2008

Here is a four minute preview


My first set of Toys collection

7 12 2007

Here comes my first set of Toys collection

Pirates of Carribean – Jack Sparrow crew



Tune UAC

1 12 2007


I am happy to share my first application (along with the source) with you all 🙂

Tune UAC – A small, easy application to configure the User Account Control settings in Windows Vista

Let me explain the application features one by one,

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My Development Environment

22 11 2007

winvista-button_rgb.jpg vs08_v_rgb_web.jpg ms_net_rgb_web.jpg
After a long time, I re-installed Vista in my laptop and did some changes to partition. The re-install was due to the lack of fair amount of space in my Windows partition. Being a developer, you need to have good amount of free space in the Windows partition to work on. With the release of Visual Studio 2008 and also for going to be released soon Vista SP1, I thought this is the right time to make my machine ready 😉

So – What have I installed now ?

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What should I do ?

13 11 2007


Many Linux articles today, we see have started bashing Microsoft and Microsoft products and the Linux User base in the forums are also anti-microsoft and don’t entertain people who use Microsoft and Microsoft products.

So, I think now the time has come for me to move away from these Linux “anti-microsoft” fanboys and not to bother these “anti-microsoft” fanboys in their forums. I would rather use Linux and discuss with my friends than with the “anti-microsoft” User base.

winvista-button_rgb.jpgBy the way, Windows (Vista) is my Main operating system and I work in Microsoft Technologies and love them a lot. I am also a full time Microsoft Developer. No doubt in that. It doesn’t mean I should move to Linux! (please,its not Open Source, its Linux)

Anways, my Comments section is open to you all. Feel free to pass on your comments.

Linux Myth (?)

11 11 2007


Even though Linux journalists like SJVN try to push Linux a lot by doing anti-microsoft campaigns like these, there is always this Linux Myth with every user who wants to try Linux or uses Linux,

1) Linux is more Stable, Reliable

2) Linux is FREE, no penny being spent!

3) Linux is Virus Free!

One of my friend sent me an email recently on what he felt about using Linux –

I’ve been using Linux exclusively this year. But…. it is so boring! The only application I use is my browser. (Which incidentally crashes several times a day.) Seriously I don’t have a single useful program. I do all my coding in a vi terminal.

sidenote: The myth that linux software is more reliable is fading very fast for me. A wise friend of mine said to me many many years ago that the only reason Linux doesn’t get viruses is because IT DOESN’T DO ANYTHING. I’m beginning to see his wisedom.

I need not explain more here 😀

Thats why people still say Linux is no Vista Killer 😉

Find when Windows was installed

9 11 2007


Here is a cool hack to find when Windows Operating system was installed in your machine

systeminfo | find /i “install date”

This works for Vista and Windows Server 2003 or later. Not sure for XP since I dont have XP machine here.

And here is my result,

Vista Ultimate running from June 2007 ! Wow !