Welcome Windows Server 2008

28 08 2007

Its been quite long since Windows Server 2008 Beta is available and the latest is Beta 3. Thought let us explore the new server version and I installed the Beta 3 in my Virtual PC hosted in Vista Ultimate. The installation took nearly 50 minutes and after the installation , Windows took me straight to the desktop as the default user Administrator was not set with a password and the Server Installation doesn’t ask for Administrator password during the setup. But the Welcome Screen displays that the Administrator password is not been set 🙂

The Welcome Screen had many information and the one I was searching for was Adding Roles to my Server and it was there under the Customize This Server option. So I go now to explore the new Add Roles wizard in Server 2008.

My goal is to set up the Active Directory Services (ADS) and join a Vista Business to the newly created domain and authenticate the Users.

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