Windows Vista


1) Vista Preview pane

2) Vista Start menu

3) Network icon status

4) Network Diagnostics – Diagnose and Repair

5) Security Center

6) Volume Mixer

7) Demo : Instant Search in Windows Vista

8 ) Demo : Live Icons Display in Windows Search in Windows Vista

9) Demo : Playing with Previous Versions of files in Windows Vista

5 responses

15 12 2007

death to the demon vista :))

it’s not that i’m against microsoft that much, since i dual boot a server 2003 besides ye olde linux but i have experienced vista on a laptop (c2d, 2gb ddr2) and it absolutely sucked. I setup office on that puppy and it took longer than it did on my heap of junk (athlon xp 2200+, 512). It’s horribly slow and quite annoying with all the error messages. But it does look shiny :))

don’t be mad at my post, just trying to liven things up. and comments are always a good thing for a blog don’t you think? 🙂

6 04 2008

only to say you are not the only one that complains about vista.

have you heard the save xp campaign?

22 04 2008

Windows Network Diagnostics is wonderful. But does not always rectify the error.
All these does not warrant the protracted looooong release schedule. The speech recognition in Vista sucks high time…
I wrote a review on this product about an year ago…
Even after 1.5 years of Vista’s launch, I’m still waiting for nvidia drivers as mine crashes like hell and Minimize, maximize animations are painfully slower… I’m not against M$, as every OS had the same problem at launch. But Vista, is having problem even after 1.5 years of it’s launch… Too bad…

12 08 2008

Vista sucks! so slow in comparing with windows xp. I think the built-in security settings in vista causes it to run very slow.

2 04 2009

windows xp is way way better than vista…

vista sucks big time!

i never changed my xp to vista bc of that!

xp owns!


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